Hey Gene and today we're checking out cringe things on the internet. For example, this very brave girl. She's gonna show this man the world. But first, I'm going to show you the world with my brand new Raycon earbuds.

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They offer buy now, pay later options and every purchase is an easy and free return guarantee. It's no wonder Raycon's everyday earbuds has over 50 000 5 Star Reviews Yeah, what about the seamless in-ear fit? Genie Does it ever fall out of your ears? Why do I show you so you can play your favorite heavy metal? and dude and nothing happens? Seriously on I've been going to the gym before stream and I use my Recons at the gym because they're super sweat resistant and water resistant. So go to Buy Recon.com Mxr for 15 off your order brought to you by Recon See if that impressed me? Please act it out for the camera, but you know, make it believable. Oh wow, don't act too excited.

Now about those titties. I Shall deliver to you fellows the sauce. Her name is Baby Emmy and she posts lips. You don't quite get that when everything reminds you of him.

Well wow, yeah, hooray, that's the sauce. What is with the lips? Like it? Get some longer skirts ladies or don't. We'll just keep them short shoes one or the other. I Don't mind fashion modeling? Wow.

Body paints? No. but look at how beautiful like the sky is right? So blue. There's like so many girls with this now. can you specify with what an ass it's it's horny art.

But I guess it's okay. What that dog doing though? The dog is like forget about that milk mother. I Want some of your milk? Come here. Hey.

come here Hand no other hand is that an eye. Sit down. Oh no for me, that's so embarrassing. no it will.

Oh no, there are kids there shopping for their like bedtime nighty night light Mother: what is what is this? Where do I get more of this? Ooh mother, why did I like that? ooh so much. Father's like your mother doesn't do this for me. Maybe if she did I'd come with her shopping more I Cooked dinner for my girlfriend last night and thought I did a good job until we were watching videos on our phone and a text from her mom popped up that said I'm sure he tried his best Jesse Oh oh damn it's so bad that you had to text her mom about it. This is what I appreciate about Henry if I try to make a dish, he'll be bluntly honest with me and tell me.

Well that's because we're past that stage, you know? No. I think we never even had that stuff I Made Carbonara for your first time and you called me out and said that it wasn't good. No I said it was great I think Genie is a great cook. definitely.

But at this point if you were to do anything wrong six years in I will tell you like you know, honey, you can try a little bit better with this one. He found out she cheated on me with a guy who stutters in texts here to date, not casually though. then again, maybe it's all right this way. I Never had the chance to do something like this.

but again, if it was casual sex, we couldn't be kissing. It's complicated I enjoy it. Yes and I don't want to stop. And also we can be ourselves and maybe even push the boundaries because we know each other more.

I hate rushing things I'm sorry you should have said something. we rushed this two years ago. we never went anywhere with it because you got taken and so did I and we both still unsatisfied emotionally and sexually. God I'm a horn ball.

We just never had sex I Don't mind that it was sudden I it was first for me. Excellent reading genie. That's exactly how I imagined it. No, because who doesn't We never had sex.

Who had that at the end of it? who stutters in texts I Understand like a real life, you know? I Started in real life all the time. It happens a lot, you know. but in text you can just you can plan it out. You can just delete and redo it.

Why do you? you need a stutter? Come on, it's cringe. But aren't you a girl? I didn't just eat a load of coke for a guy, right? I Can't believe you made me swallow a load of my own I Wanna cry I'm so ashamed. All for a person he never met. Wait, how does this work? He got catfished into swallowing his load.

That's the worst shame a man can suffer. Would you ever swallow your own load? No. Then, why do you expect girls to? Because they're girls. It's their job to swallow.

Rejected Prompt 120 Sad Rejected Prompt Turtle So there's a girl I really like and she always wanted a turtle. So I thought I'd get her a turtle on right? Prom on the shell. It didn't work. The turtle comes with everything you need.

a 60 gallon aquarium, two pumps, one fish pump, one submersible spare filter, two water heaters, thermometer, a turtle light with dimmer, my crushed dreams, some rocks and fake plants. I'm lowballing the price like hell. but I need to get this beautiful little bastard out of my sad life. He permanently scotted this Turtle to ask this girl the prom and she said no holy I feel so bad for this Turtle I Get it I Want to see what your crushed streams are like? Dude, the turtle's worthless.

like at this point you just sell it to the Chinese then they'll eat it for you I'll take it. No one showed up to my boyfriend's Super Bowl party. This is my pity party. All the dominoes I've spent so much money on all this food.

Hopefully they will still come. Oh dude, no no, it's gonna be eating dominoes for days while cooking. Started with fun. Now it has gotten worse.

My wife has got pregnant. It is not listening for abortion. What should I do I Don't want to raise another man's kid I Like how you had to add an emoji of like a wife pregnant. thank you It really Paints the picture I Hope everyone can take this as a lesson.

Cooking might seem fun at first guys, but beware, it's all fun and games. You know, until you raise another man's kid guy who wouldn't leave me alone in the gym until I gave him my correct number. Can't understand why I Don't want to talk to him. how was your workout three hours later? Busy already today? hello LOL Oh my God What is that thing the Zoomers say like no ick, that's an ick, that's what they say apparently I only know how to speak Boomer My friends won't talk to me.

My boyfriend either doesn't love me anymore or is too depressed to talk to me. So I'm showing my manager my new fish. Hopefully it doesn't break the no personal info rule. sorry, do you still need someone? No.

All good. Thank you though. Okay, you want to see a picture of my new fishies. haha Sure ghosted.

No response. Wait. so why is this person so lonely? My friends won't talk to me. This is even orders too depressed.

wait. so your boyfriend needs help, but you're just like my new fish. What a great manager. Honestly, if he had Henry as a boss, imagine he'd be down to see this.

He'll probably ghost you too though. I Realize nice fish. Oh he can do a lot better. Look at these.

Look at. Oh my God dude. Henry Henry Henry What? Look at that? Oh my. God holy if it ain't this level subtle.

I'm a 48 single young at heart, fun guy who's finding it difficult to get matches and dates in my preferred age range 18 to 28 and feeling ready to settle down with my dream girl. but I've yet to find her. How do I speed up the process without feeling the need to settle for someone? I'm not really attracted to wait. Hold up I Just found Leo's Reddit account.

Leo Doesn't have any issues pulling the 18 year olds. Okay, his issue is that he's not rich and famous, but you'd also have to accept the fact that she probably doesn't find you attractive. Oh, that's disgusting though. like 48 and you you were gonna date an 18 year old brov? Henry you're You're saying nothing because you're like me? I Would it's okay to look at 18 year olds? they're legal, but you can't be with anything? Well I mean you can legally, but like you probably should.

Maybe squeezing the pill in the video wasn't getting the point across well enough? I need to hug that last two two long I Thought the whole thing. Damn at first I thought you were flexing your sexy hands and then double check which account you're posting from. Oh no, hope you passed it out. This is so hard to just like double check.

like what account you're on before you do this. I mean you know people are desperate for like comments and engagement. Thank God We have amazing people that give us just the sexiest comments all the time and you know I'm thankful for Genie because I get to hug her for this long. That was short as dude, a father designs headstone for his wheelchair-bound son depicting him free of his Earthly burdens.

As an atheist, this makes me cringe unbearably hard. What? that is incredible. That is the coolest. The gravestone I've seen is that even like religious, it's just, uh, homage to his son.

that is some true love for their son. Dark Brandon Came to kick ass and eat ice cream and he's all out of ice cream is that? Joe Biden Dark Brandon Who's Dark Brandon I thought his name hey it's Natha Nathan My iPhone was set to another language. How are you hey doing some work? What's going on? I'm just catching up on try me. Oh okay, should I go for it if you want? Hmm 34 D Yes, you're actually correct.

that's weird. haha. or maybe I'm smart I don't know where every girl says there is 34d so that was a safe guess really. I didn't know that my past three lovers have all this had the same bra size though 32c I'm pretty sure they weren't lying.

Well so I don't know about your same bra size Theory Do you like yoga? No. Did I blow it? Yes, it's like come on, we need a topic of conversation for the love of God Don't make it about boobs once. What's your bra size? As a guy, this is so hard tonight. it is not Just talk about your voluptuous I'm sorry Nathan Beach in 1970 There are no fat tattooed plastic Etc There are no sunbeds, umbrellas and sunglasses, various creams.

There are no cell phones so people talk and there are no white lines in the sky and there's nothing but there is everything. Then they also have like no cure for AIDS or something at that point. Holy sh 2007. Yeah! See this, This fuel went home and Then they died of AIDS Okay, you're implying that everyone has AIDS Would you like to check out the cringe? Topia remake.

Sure the fact: funny for Velma to twerk over Fred's dead mom show how little they care about the actual s. This is like basically the point of Velma there's supposed to be like edgy, over the top and enraged inducing. The writers of Velma are doing exactly what they wanted to do and they're getting top up votes on Reddits. Yeah, we're all falling right into their traps.

Guys creates websites that people can harass Streamers for just playing kids Game about Magic Introducing: Have they streamed out with Wizardgame.com Find out if anyone you follow on Twitch has streamed that new Wizard game. Can they just say Hogwarts oh you're not allowed to say Hogwarts or else it like spreads like the name. Dude it's like the name Voldemort you are that's crazy. The Game: It's not he who shall not be name is the game that shall not be named oh my God just for that.

I'm gonna be like Hogwarts Legacy Guys oh you know who I'm gonna type into that box Fantastic P let's see if she's been playing that game. Oh yeah, well me too I think it's great. It's a good game. I've been riding broomsticks using my wand because it's like the way you describe it sounds horribly boring.

We go to class that sounds extra boring Canon out here being a left tackle. blocking. what does that mean? Oh my God What? The meme is real. Oh on the right, like can I buy you a drink? sure she's not interested and then literally the chonkers girl comes to take away her friend.

That cat was doing nothing wrong. She even say a single word. yet even her friend wanted to be like, hey, and she was walking in that direction. Is it because jealous that guys don't come up to her because of her rotund nature.

Yeah. I Realize it's not always that though. it's because they've experienced, um, harassment. Yeah.

I'm pretty bad and they just want to protect their friend every. YouTube Drama Basically the problem with God The problem with coaster Ricks Why is this guy a dragon and why is this guy a squirrel? Oh, response to the problem with: God The problem with Genesis Wolf: Enough is enough. Responds to Copper Author: It's like Png's from 2005. I'm gonna guess Genesis wolf is not doing so well by that dislike ratio.

Did Tucker Carlson really just expose my cosplay hobby to my parents? Live on National Television What the what am I gonna do? I'm gonna get kicked out of the house Cameron Dad and mom group chat. we need to talk Come to family room ASAP Dad Responds: I Recognize that flag on your wall. Get out of your room now. Open this door.

Right now. You're a man. What the is wrong with you? Oh the death of masculinity. That's him.

This reminds you that that like meme was like men in 2005 in the Life Met in 2023 or whatever. Wasn't it like a hate you father like I hate you Dad Yeah and it's like oh my God wait I want to see the next one? You want to see that one I Lost a game of chess to some guy with uncensored gay furry as his profile ground I mean is this what you wanted to see I mean hey I'm just saying. whatever he makes his profile background, it's not about that, it's what's in his brain and he is great at chess. Wanna know the difference between Jesus and I what? Jesus was full of grace.

but Grace is about to be full of me. Yeah, you're definitely not cute enough to be at least just being honest. You know, like she understands that if you're like a hot Giga chant then that's fine. But dude, if you're looking like a Todd or something, then just start with like hello when she casually drops at brunch that she kissed her guy best friend last night when the ball dropped because she couldn't find you and didn't want to not have a New Year's Eve kiss just paid for food too lamel This is when you layer with yeah same I did the same because I couldn't find you too and let's see her response.

You should count this as a blessing because now you know to stay very far away. You dodged the bullet. You didn't have to spend another year wasted on her accomplished actor begging for people to follow his fake Spanish wife on Instagram for her birthday. Hey everybody, it's January 5th the day before my wife's birthday I would like to ask you a favor.

It seems like she's just centimeters shy of a million followers on Instagram and I would like to ask you would you follow her on Instagram Is she not really his wife? is she not really Spanish she not a very genuine person. It's kind of sweet to get your wife to a million but also like why would that even make her? That's why I wanted to meet people in real life and they're like oh, I'll subscribe to your YouTube channel I'm like don't just don't like if you don't understand the channel. if you don't understand the community like we need real people, a part of the Crusade people actually care. We don't have like too many subscribers comparatively.

it's just a lot of other YouTube channels. but like most of you guys are active and actually watch the videos, come here. Don't touch this fist or I'm gonna. Did you once get arrested? Uh-huh? no why should be for being too pretty.

Aha I See aha Take On Me uh-huh did I impress you with that light? Aha Yes you did. Aha Okay, that's it for cringe. All right. Thanks! Thanks for making this another video, thanks for watching, thanks for cringing with us and we are off now.

Goodbye I Guess.

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