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Next up we have a character model displaying excellent physics in a new MMO The next the next Generation Genie of booty physics are here and apparently they're very centrifugal and very circular. It's like when you try and like wait in the water. Yeah, butterfly Strokes butterfly strokes. but yeah, apparently it is from Hit 2 Once again, you remember that game.

no Lolly Oh my God dude, you guys are DJ that greasy shiny this is peeking through the letters when she's like I wonder what we should have for dinner I Don't know see I Told you that is an exercise but why do it legit? I Also do this exercise. what is this workout? Genie you're back your spine. no you're back muscles, your back muscles I'm glad you're a very strong spine. Oh God that this video had no eye check.

There were a lot of balls but I think I looked at the wrong ones. oh one's just thin rail that's perfect. It just floats you say thank you God like oh what's going on oh no, but wait she got it. Who is this girl? Why does she just like Asian Dude Perfect.

She did all of these in one try guaranteed Genie Bouncer stops what could be a deadly situation that's not the bouncer. Security's out. wait, he's got. Oh, that's the bouncer.

What's the point of secure? Why does this guy look like every typical shooter that comes into the club to like light it up? You know, respect to that bouncer doing his goddamn job. Okay, but that bouncer was also like 1.5 times the size of the guy. So meanwhile, the guy with the Security on this shirt I think it's a woman. Yeah, woman am I right? I'm just kidding.

I Probably wouldn't do this. Jato is a type of assisted takeoff for helping overloaded aircraft into the air by providing additional thrust in the form of small Rockets Whoa. It's like on the mad scientist straps on like rockets to try and fly. well.

It never ends up well and he like flies off and dice. It's going pretty well though, it seems through the fires. oh my. God This Cube flips and balances on its own centrifugal force so it just tries to stand up.

You put it back down and it's like no. Tippy Toe Culture Very proud. The man climbed out of his eighth floor apartment. Window To catch the helpless three-year-old girl bleeding off is making me scared.

Oh, and she's lost her footing. Okay, okay, good catch. How? how's that man? how have a grip on the window? Damn dude. kids are stupid as hell.

How the hell do you end up like that if you have Windows like that, don't have kids or move out and then also still don't have kids because they're dumbasses because Rihanna and Umbrella are trending tonight. I'm legally required to repost One of the best things in America over 20 years. that's Tom Holland Not everybody is Tom Holland I Don't think he was alive 20 years ago. No, it isn't.

Oh, this is to their song. Oh it is him. see thank you dude oh my God Everybody is Tom Holland Why is everybody Tom Holland and every girl's Zendaya now like okay Henry I Think that statement is kind of incorrect. not every guy is Tom Holland You mean why are they so no look, look look, even link is Tom Holland now like I'm shocked that Zelda Isn't Zendaya you know it's Emma Watson This is fake.

It's real to me God Damn it. God Everywhere I Go I Just see Tom Holland Is that the me? Spider-Man He's like like everywhere I go and I have three days during earthquake. they both survived. They're in there for three days.

foreign like thank God I'm probably walking out of that believing God as well. kind of more of a thought. like he like finally gets around. they celebrate and then just like a piece of rock just falls down and crashes here.

It's like no okay, that's up. Oh no, oh no, don't do that. Oh man, whoa. cracked the glass yo.

Why is the dad laughing? Because he's like that girl any larger would have shot in that glass, ripped your daughter into shreds. Okay, and nothing you could have done to stop it. He would have pushed you away like a piece of paper in the window. Your daughter deserved it.

Yeah, she's trying to start dominance, which she clearly isn't. We're dominant than this. Look at that guy. Holy crap.

You can only do this if you're another Alpha gorilla or if you're Arnold Schwarzenegger Otherwise, do not do this to gorillas. Oh really's but for grinding was going on way longer than I thought huh Wow this this really doesn't end. Really impressive balance. Okay, but do those on like wheelies.

Next, you know, no grind shoes. just Wheels Can you do that? Can't you ever just be proud for one playing sonic or like as It's Tricky rack up those points. Was that what? Sonic was supposed to sound like he has rings? mechanical tattoo. Wow that looks very real.

He looks like he's um, part of some video game now I don't know, is that Transformers oh that is. Transformers Oh no. All right instantly. oh no.

what are the bad guys again? The megabytes? What this? Decepticons You know what? I realized what technically every one of them is a Decepticon because they all deceive people Australian Aboriginal Spear fishing from the shore. What'd he get? Damn that's a oh my God he's got that dick sucking lips that's a Glock 3000 you just caught dude. oh I see what you mean? Wow I didn't even notice all while in a Target do that in ice skating and then use the blades like slip people's throats. Be like the coolest superhero.

Can you imagine blades in your feet while you're doing this like a very superhero experience? Okay Anime villain. Okay, you could just say a villain. Why does it have to be animated? There's only anime people would come with this. Why? you gotta do it on the truck throw oh ain't no freaking way yo did somebody check his computer for Aimbot He missed.

Yeah, he very clearly missed the video would not have cut off. Yeah, why'd you get the video? He dropped the gun didn't he? Yeah, that would have been so funny though if they just I kept at it like you did the most amazing feat. the Impossible I Think can't catch is gonna happen Michael's voice isolated shows his pure and amazing talent. Oh, take a look at yourself, then make a change.

And maybe you should not touch kids Michael If you took a look at yourself, make a change. stop touching them then no. but that's that's amazing. but it's just the sucky thing that's all I could think of I mean you didn't need to show me this I Already knew who was really talented.

Maybe like, uh, the weekend can follow him up. you know I think what? The Weeknd tries to, but he can't Are you sure about that? What about? Giga Chad Weekend Jenny Michael Better watch his back. All right Grandpa weekend. Fair enough.

oil. well drilling looks absurdly dangerous. Oh my. God this looks so um, sci-fi.

It's like drilling for spice. the chains. This looks so chaotic you can put like Lord of the Rings like Mordor music and the Orcs like making the weapons they're trying to raise Deathwing from the depth. Yeah, right now this guy's chat though.

Well you have to be What the oh is that? Yeah, it's like all these people in the depths of hell like and they get killed by Deathwing because he's leaving. he just threw them brutal after they spent all that time putting his armor on. Yeah, what the why did he do that? Bro looks changely romantic and synchronized. Wow, he's really close to his butt I can see him multiple ways in which this could have ended.

Extremely gay, multiple multiple ways. Also, why do y'all folks have to do it? Well, that's the impressive part. That's what makes it amazing. Oh I'm tripping so it doesn't look great.

Oh okay, yeah. smooth animation I Feel like this is insanity. It's just the definition as I'm watching it. it is cool.

but I'm starting to feel the definition of insanity hitting hard. Photographer: Mark Smith Captures an amazing moment where an Osprey emerges from the ocean clawed onto its prey. I Think it's gigantic. That's an awesome I think it's got It's got a fish.

it's got dinner for tonight. Oh my. God Congratulations I'm happy for him that that fish is constantly. It's like one of those like fish that people like uses flashlights.

you know. ah sprays like Adam And you here I Come Supporters of Greek football team. Poack is it like Fireballs Why does this look like the Army is attacking? Looks like Mordor is upon us and yet they bring just close to us. It's just glow sticks.

Don't worry about a champ. I Had no idea mortar was in Greece Saving a cobra from drowning in the well. he doesn't want to be safe. Dude could like swim.

Oh those are eels. No I thought some to swim. yes there are Oprah I guess there's no, it's not one of it. Also why is the Cobra like do you want to drown then you'll you dude.

Did he ever see him? Okay, it would be funny if at the end he's just saying enough. he just dropped some bags I would have because him he wants to figure it out on your own. This new entrepreneur has discovered a way to take plastic and turn it into gasoline. He calls this new product plastoline I Just finished running my plastic to fuel reactor behind me here.

let's see some of the fuel I got out yeah. oil, gasoline, plastic empty. Barely anything left in there. That's what they need in like Last of Us you know, gasoline made from plastic? Let's go ahead.

put it in there. we go. it's in I don't know it's not working. Oh god Oh yeah yeah Oh it works baby.

Let's go. let's go. Okay now. I'm gonna cut you up.

So this kid solved the plastic waste issue and gasoline issue. My God Gina I Think the world is saved. Why should we ever go to gas stations again? Elon Musk is quaking in his boots. The average cat's reaction time is approximately 20 to 70 milliseconds which is faster than the average snake's Reaction Time 44 to 70 milliseconds.

Oh he slapped him, slapped the out of him. hey, he's gonna go for it again. That's like the Crusaders right here and that's like the like button and they just they slap the out of it like real fast. That's like when Henry's about to open his mouth and they're like say no more fam and they just slap it Daniel Trifonov: One of the best piano players alive playing Mephisto Waltz The Hunchback of the sky.

All right what is this song? oh my God he's he's getting so into it. This guy looks like someone just murdered his mother. Well no Henry his forums must be dying Dude? no thank you dude. If you saw the notes and the amount of octaves, it's like how much pain do you want in this song And the composer was like yes, Pianist: I guess he looks like a Jeffrey Epstein looking at children.

He's just like so like yes and he's in pain because he knows it's wrong. Michael Jackson Fighting their touch. Kids: All right? That's it for next level. All right, We'll see you next time.


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    1st video I thumbs down.

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    Plastic is made from petroleum. He just extracted the petroleum back out of it, then had to refine and filter it to be used in the weeder. Takes more than what he showed to make it gas.

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    Not to shit on the guy's accomplishment, but converting plastic back to fuel isn't new. Some dude (I don't remember his name) on an offgrid homestead on some island somewhere has been doing this for years to run his generators. Good on the young guy though. Its not too easy of a process.

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