Thank you Yo! Oh she saved the hot dog. No, there's a beer. Anyways, today we're doing our memes genie. Have you heard of what AI can do these days? But have you heard what they can do with women? Check this out! Gina I've seen this all over my Twitter timeline.

Apparently this picture and others are going viral in socials because women are seething and debating whether these girls are AI generated. What do you think? Genie Real or fake? Hold on I Want to be able to tell fake? Okay, but it doesn't stop there. Gene Okay, what about these Real or fake fake? How do you know something looks really off? Do you think it could be the fingers? Yeah. I didn't even look there I Always like fingers.

Boom. Real or fake. It's fake. but like what is the obsession with like blonde young high school? It's just what the computer tells us is hot.

Okay, they look like clones of each other. I Think that's what scares me a little a little bit. Looks like there's a hot boom, not clones this time. What happened to the girl on the left? She looks deformed.

That's a little mean it's not a real girl. Okay, which girl would you take out of the three? None. Okay, cool. Oh about the natural baby getting my lips pierced all done.

where's the piercing on her lips? Genie I Don't see it. Oh, let me show you. oh, he's playing back. That's racist Henry you can't even I actually think I can.

It will be my looks. but I'm not gonna show you because they're kind of hairy right now. but I do get almost close to that degree. Yeah, that used to be me in high school too for some reason.

High School is an extra ashy because y'alls don't put on lotion. Yeah Genie has nice and smooth skin, right babe? Nope, You put on lotion. No, no, that's why I was like what are you doing friend If your mom and girlfriend switch bodies and you can only change it back by having sex with one of them, which would you choose Henry I'll choose your butt. Okay, but your mom is in my body.

That's why I give her a sleeping pill. What? Yeah, no, they have to be awake. They have to be conscious. No, they have to be conscious.

Okay then I hypnosis them. huh? Okay, okay, wait, continue. And so they're not really there. They are there.

Not really there because they're hypnotized me waiting for the boomer generation to die so that they can stop electing politicians. Well, I've got some news for you bro. But once you get to the age of Boomers Yeah, then you're a boomer. Now you're also electing politicians.

and then the Zoomer is gonna be like you boomers are stupid. The Vicious Cycle continues continues. POV You've just asked the stoner to explain why they have to smoke weed every day. If it isn't addictive, they're not dependent on the weed.

They can stop anytime what they want, but they just gotta maximize the amount of time they're on it because it's good stuff. Henry Are you an alcoholic? I'm not an alcoholic but I drink a lot but I can stop whenever I want I'm not dependent on it I can stop whatever I want. It's just I choose to do it frequently. It's that simple bro.

Me finding out Susan Wojinski says step down as CEO me finding out that the new CEO Neil Mohan advocated for the removal of dislikes, addition of Nfts, no swearing policy, and more. Hey guys, it's been really nice knowing you she was just the mini boss. the true boss at the end. How about you add back the dislike bar and then everybody loves you.

That could be a great ending. How about how about you just do that and life good. Beautiful rainbows and butterflies. oh my God you're using Android you must be so poor their phone I mean I just use iPhones because Android users suck Just kidding I use iPhones because that's what I grew up on.

that's it. Also, phone does not indicate wealth at all. that's why I don't get the people that are like oh like yeah I got the latest version of iPhone 17 or whatever. Like to show that I'm rich like that.

just shows that you waste the money on stupid judge I'll let you choose which way you want to die me after picking Stormtrooper because Yorkshire will never hit you Okay, yeah and there's always like like 17 000 shots going like different directions and like none of them can make contact. It's like they're missing on purpose people. After Netflix cracks down on password sharing and punishes VPN users we're gonna be Pirates we're gonna be. Pirates Are we sailing the seven seeds? Again Come Aboard This is gonna be like the good old 2010 fives.

once more. Are we finally gonna have Cedars to provide the speeds. The bleachers: No. No leechers.

No, Nobody like leeches. Don't be a leecher. Be a cedar, right? That's how it worked. Oh Gina was a leecher when your mom lets you choose your own outfit to wear on your first day of school.

Is that? Sam Smith Dude, he went downhill. Dude guys looks so stupid. Security cameras and movies. Security cameras in real life I Don't think they're that bad.

Yeah, they're not still waiting for the future where we can start enhancing a Blade Runner Told me it happened like pretty soon. Actually I should have. Actually, it should have happened already. We would have been.

We should have been able to enhance like 70 times right? NASA when anyone suggests a color other than white for Rockets Isn't it Like scientifically, it's the only one that makes any sense. Why? Because it, um, doesn't absorb as much heat and it's also the most visible in the pitch black of space visible to Hula Good point. Technically, nobody needs to see it, but why not make it hot pink? yo? Because that's a waste of money. What do you mean? Dude, if you want to catch the attention of something, a space is gonna get everyone's attention, we need to stand against our common enemy side sleepers.

Hey, it works. Okay, don't make fun of it. It's comfortable. Look, you stretch like this, right.

It feels good right now. Sleep in it too. Even better Greek Gods When they see someone that's not their gender. Uh actually Greek Gods when they see someone that is, even their gender doesn't matter as they're like really horny.

Yeah, they will Anything and everything. as in like Kratos and Aphrodites? Yeah, sure, there's a lot of gay Gods too. yo. Poseidon Poseidon Gay have many lovers of both male and female.

Why don't children play outside anymore? The outside? Well, that's because that's a city. it's New York And most people don't raise their kids in the city because they'll get hit by cars. That's why you gotta go to like one of those like suburbs. You know, with the big wide streets.

Ride your bike to your friend's house, shoot some hoops, play some games, snip some. Sharpies Oh hell yeah. dude. now that Susan would would Jiki is stepping down I am once again asking to make YouTube good again.

Oh Biden Biden sorry George Foreman George Foreman Don't say a word I know who he is I'm no. I'm not gonna look. give me the starting letter. Here's the Archer in: Fire Emblem Bernie Yeah, you know I'm not gonna hold my breaths I am because we might be dead I'm not gonna have any expectations I'm just gonna assume that nothing's gonna happen and I'm prepared for the worst.

If our channel is gone tomorrow, then um, it's all Neil's fault. All long-running TV shows suck now. South Park Sesame Street Yeah, it's It's like you either um, died the hero or is yourself or you live long enough to become that villain. Was it really that wordy? I Feel like South Park is actually like the only one that's been consistently good for like 20 years straight.

They're on like actually just God mode I Don't know how they're not banned I've had a real cookie bake for them. Oh that's so true dude. you're one of those like cooking sets that like you had when you're a kid and a lot of you like baking cookies. Yeah, they always look like this, right? Yes, it's always the cheapest.

it's cookies, but like when you're a kid you're like oh I am a Michelin star patsier. When you take a bite into them, it's just sadness. So it feels even more ironic because it looks happy. Yeah it is just chalk Chinese spies with a balloon up there Meanwhile Tick Tock a Chinese company is everyone's like oh my God free Entertainer For six hours a day, that balloon ain't nothing.

This app has permeated every American phone and your children do get. But have you seen the tick thoughts? They got balloons. Not this balloon but like balloons. You know when you just chill at midnight and suddenly get the urge to clean your room, work out, cure cancer and end world hunger? Oh yeah, you don't want to get that feeling when you're going to sleep.

That's why I only think of food now. I Just think of food, cooking food. and then when you shoot down a 12 balloon with the 400 000 missile, they were just trying to waste your 400 000. Finn So this is China's new tactic.

They can just be like. all right, deploy 10 000 balloons. we have. It costs us nothing.

Just send more balloons, make them waste an entire style of missiles. That's actually a great strategy, but actually do have a camera and a couple of them. so really with their head. I Don't know whose side I am I'm on but I want it.

It seems like a game. I'm like USA New Year New Me: 36 mass shootings in 23 days. What's considered like a mass shooting if I go out and shoot like a bunch of darts? Is that like a mass shooting? If you murdered like 10 people yes with darts then yes. Also it's any time two or more people get injured from being shot.

Where are you going with this thought dude. So that's that's basically just like almost like half of all shootings then is AI Art banned yet no no wow I Never thought I'd see the day where he became a reality. Take it back back I Don't want to see this dude I mean the the chat looks pretty good. The homeless man outside the supermarket Watching Me Ride the coin-operated horse after I told him I didn't have any change.

the ultimate assertion of dominance. You actually go on those the grown-ass had all you're like no I don't have chains this is trying to assert his dominance and like as he's riding it, he's just staring the homeless guy just like yeah and the song plays like cops shot and face by unarmed black man. please don't shoot me the comp. that man maybe he has that remember an anime? There's the guy with the superpower that actually kills people with his finger guns like bang or as as in like he didn't have any arms which makes even less sense.

which means he shot him with his legs. Of course he did like a filthy Frank and just like you know how, the shotgun with his legs and girlfriend's parents to my girlfriend. he's just using you for sex. me coming to my girlfriend's house so I can connect to their Wi-Fi and keep using her parents Netflix account I Assure you our intentions are strictly honorable.

So actually he's using the parents, he's not even using the girlfriend. He's like your parents are of more use to me and provide me more value than you do. I Kind of feel bad for the girlfriend. there's a country in Africa that begins with it with every letter of the alphabet.

the letter K Congo You sure it's not a C? Kenya Kenya yes, can you suck on these nuts? Go yourself first DanTDM and now PewDiePie where did the time go? we're having a baby 2004 was no, it wasn't Jesus 20. you fell for the oldest trick in the yeah I was just reading the comments no I didn't I didn't I did not I was reading I got you good I was reading it all. this play in the book: a green newts are a bad idea make enough to for himself in order to compete. You have to do it too.

It's like steroids because if you didn't have those nukes then they would use their noobs. It's an arms race like everybody has to by default have these nukes. Everyone hating on weed smokers, the alcoholic about to crash into a family of five Henry Would you like to say something I Don't drink and drive. What do you want Oh yo I was so stupid.

You know what? I thought this was what alcoholic was like gonna stumble into his family and be like hey guys, what's up? That's what I thought it was meaningless. That's what people do when they get drunk, hang out with their family Jarvis Changed my personality for Friend Group three. This is actually a very accurate and true because you got your you gotta be able to fit in right. Can't sound like an anime loser in front of my cool friends.

Sports Jocks Am I I'm just kidding, but maybe we should all just be genuine to everybody you know? Yeah, yeah no. I Agree I 100 agree. Find the friend group where you don't have to change your personality and you can just be yourself. What? If yourself is a dick then become the dick you've always wanted to be.

All right? Yeah, yeah. embrace the dicks. Can't wait for the Hogwarts A Legacy American Edition Apparently that's already a mod that's out for the PC version. Really? So you go like oh Guns is like the ultimate of Vada cadaver.

like yeah, sure Voldemort can do his like Avada Kadaversion. but like you can just pull the trigger. You know? Yeah, pulling the trigger is a lot faster than saying yeah. like you, you kill the world's best wizard with one pull the trigger.

like where do the bullets in this world? Well then he can protego. just pull the trigger again. Well then he'll just keep pulling. just keep holding.

Take the grenade launcher. All right. That is it for memes. Wow can you believe it? you made it to the end of the video.

Oh My. God Well thank you guys so much for being here and we'll see you guys next time. Peace All right! Thank you for responsive guys!.

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