All on my own. Actually, that's amazing That better not go in the video. Today we're doing our amazed for all things that will. Amaze You yo, You know what's crazy Genie What Body paint cosplay? But you know what's even more amazing The body paint cosplay.

Genie What What My Messy shoes? Oh dude. Without a doubt, welcome to the dry socks! Club In a world where most people complain and experiencing the magic of water, it's not touch grass anymore. It's touch water. Touch water.

Touch some water guys. That's how they create 100 waterproof shoes. Here we go Again, Somebody got in my mouth, but none of it. Try Wow! Festival says Partnerships That fund programs that help shape the next generation of water protectors.

They support programs across the world that create fresh water where it's needed most. so it's not to mention they're just really comfortable and they're super lightweight. So check out Vessi at Mxr University Sneaker and size you want now! News code: Mxr to get 15 off your entire order. Is that body paints? Yes, Yes.

Oh, that's insane. Cosplay guys. You don't even need the fabric anymore. that's not even necessary.

Oh, we have some sauce. it's Nicole Kitty Wow. Oh lots of very nice content. What? they're not really? How do you know? It looks all natural to me baby? Okay, she put sugar falls off this boat like she's fine.

She's got some life preservers and then we have a very amazing tutorial. He's just building a bench like a for bench pressing Okay And like squatting, right? She's just she's just getting ready to squat. That wood he's using is pretty high quality I Was gonna say that it looks really nice. It's the good.

almost makes makes you want to be tied up in this right just to feel that way. Is that a drone? It is indeed a drone. What is it? The bravest penetrations? kids. Is that real? Are you really looking to stop? Oh okay.

all right now. I'm going to jail. No kids. Just released today.

It's real. It's real. This is a joke. Don't search this up.

I Hope you guys can take a lesson from this. Don't save yourselves. Don't search up up kids. He did it for you.

Oh God is he real nice 3D both I don't know. Kind of spooky wait, it makes a u-turn Who are you where the is that? Oh my God Henry I just had a whip last year I got hit by a rock and then I was kissed by a genshin girl and I don't know how to feel anymore. Auburn student makes a 94 foot putt across a basketball court for a car. All right Auburn Family it's time to putt for another one.

I Thought he was gonna put a basketball right here presented by Lynch Toyota of Auburn to win this new car. He's so focused and ready a chicken. Should we just let him do it? Oh he's just gonna do it all right. There It is.

there it is. Wow, that's a long time. No way. No distance.

No the way. Oh oh, he just won a Honda Civic it's a Toyota Oh really? yeah it was sponsored by Toyota Okay, you got a camera in there, huh? How do you even like keep her cool? Like when you do this like I'd be so nervous just knowing that everybody in the stadium was watching me like, uh, you have performance anxiety Yeah, some people perform better under yeah I perform words probably God Damn it. Oh 16 hour tie-dye shirt. This one is the first of its kind.
but I Split this mandala into four sections I Split the rest of the shirt into four quadrants of gray and rainbow Kenny Style I Think the sections contrast each other nicely and you can see that split mandala. Great for your eyes for the shirt I Maintain the four separate sections. The only difference is that there's no mandala. Let me know what you think.

I think that is. Raves I Think that that is a great take on tie-dye shirts. Very attention grabbing I Feel like I'm not cool enough to wear this shirt I Prefer to be more on the down low I Like to blend in I Gave it away the five million black shirts you've got. wait.

Can I show you? You will be amazed I Swear Okay, have you seen Harry Potter Open gym What the accurate? The game's keeper. Dumbbell door Froggy Well it gets better. We call the curl Malfoy Run the bench press Weasley Severus The barbell Snape Hermione Hold on, there's more wig Neville Strong bottom. Okay, is that the same name? It's long box.

Oh right. What happened to the Spells I Thought they were supposed to use their magic in their brains, not their brawn somehow like tiny tidious. The View on your way to world's biggest statue in India Oh yo, that tripped me. It's a real life giant.

What do you guys think? What if we built a giant penis statue? No, just the tallest in the world. No. no genitalia. Okay, even better vagina statue.

I Just said no. genitalia. Aerographene has the lowest density of any known solid. Maybe it's like a marshmallow.

Well, that's one marshmallows that is a marshmallow. Not very appetizing when you really are forklift certified. Let's see. Gonna Yeah yeah.

there you go. That's how you do it. Stops perfectly right there. Oh wait, but he's gotta make another turn.

No, it's perfect. Now Now Ladies, calm, calm down. I Understand that this is me the greatest forklift driver. So you need to relax your hormones.

Panties have flown off already. Hold on to your panties. Oh my. God You submit your applications in an orderly manner.

Martin Luther King and Anne Frank would be the same age as Barbara Walters if they were alive today. We tend to think they lived in very different times, but they were all born in 1929. wait, if it's 1929, aren't you like? you're like 100? Can you imagine seeing like Martin Luther King in the flesh? Would he want to be alive I Think he would be very, very careful. This is a very politically charged question.

motivated to continue his work. This is: Dion Rich the world's greatest gate Crusher he snuck into 35 Super Bowls the World Series the Oscars the Olympics and more. Is it the hat? Like you can't see him like he's just really hard to spot. How does he sneak in and teach us your ways before you go for security measures? Not that I want to use it.
If we could all like do like a tutorial from this guy, then like we never have to pay for anything ever again and then the world goes bankrupt because they're like how the is everyone getting this amount of water that Stretch Armstrong can hold Armstrong What? Oh wow, that's brutal. Oh this is weird guys. This is really weird. What are we watching? Why does that look like a nipple? His limbs look like nipples? oh my.

God Oh okay, Can we all agree that this is like maybe the worst way to die in the world? Like what if I just like cut your arm off right? stuck a tube inside that hole and just inflated you like this? That's pretty graphic dude. No, this is brutal. What about quartering? What about him? No No, The Punisher Oh I Thought you meant the YouTuber like I don't hate that guy. like why would I want to like inflate him like no, no, like drawn and quartered like oh not nothing.

Nothing compared to this guys. Two years and over 315 pounds later February 2021 he was 525 plus pounds and in February 2023 he's 210 pounds. That's amazing. Oh my.

God he's a scrotum. Do you think they could like lock his arm off, put a tube in there and like see how far he's can you stop with the expansion thing? Isn't that like a like a kink or something? Yes. like have you guys ever heard of like expansion? How does someone like know what that? Ah that's where I get it from This waterfall created perfect ice balls. Oh yeah, they are perfect squares.

sorry circles Jesus but why don't ask questions? Genie it's Nature's gift. just accept it. Time lapse of a border collie sheepdog doing its job I thought that was like normal speed I was like Jesus Christ they look like maggots. this running.

It's running with a purpose. If all he had to do on the day is your job was just to run around in beautiful Green Pastures It's a no-brainer This is like the happiest life. Plus you get to feel like you're asserting dominance on sheeple. and you get to know that you're a good boy.

A ballerina practicing on a balance board. God Oh, this is. um, this is the scene from Atomic Heart the two ballerina robot girls, right? Yes, with the robust robesy like they spread the robusty. No, didn't do that.

Oh I've been looking at some other things. Mad respect for all ballerinas. If you're a ballerina out there, you are the most terrifying thing in the world. Hiking trail gets submerged after Heavy Rain I'm God Dusty Oh, this is underwater.

Yes, that, that's it. how is he still breathing? and Alive snorkeling If they wanted to like make an amusement park where it's just everything's underwater. like are we all going or what? Because yes, let's freaking go. let's freaking go.
And then I'll jump in that water. die because it can't swim my time in Antarctica Wrapped up in 45 seconds. Hey little penguins, otters, it's gorgeous. Kill a whale? Hell yeah.

Sea lions? Yeah. orcas. Farms for what for penguin fat? underrated place to go for a vacation as Antarctica um What? Hawaii you know that's for the week Antarctica is where the true Chad Alphas Go and then you jump in the water and then you die. Why do you keep wanting to jump in the water? Dude? we can't do anything to save you Yes Save Me Gene They're plenty strong being best friends for Capybara.

Oh he really loves him I Want a Capybara? What? I would give is to have a copy Buyer is my companion. I Trade in all of my subscribers at a heartbeat. All of you just kidding. they're probably like I'd give you up for a Cappy pot friend.

Oh wow. My completed charcoal drawing of featuring five iconic Jokers it took me a month to create. Oh that's hilarious. Who's that guy that was a joker in Suicide Squad Jared Leto Yeah, he's not on here get asked Jared You know who? My number one favorite Joker is who? Are you calling me a psychopathic serial killer? Yeah yeah.

ancient public toilet toilet. Ah, so you can have a good with your brethren, have you? Socrates Oh yes, we can waft each other's fumes as they blend into one. Omega fume. I Like how like these two guys like decide to sit next to each other when there's like plenty of open spots over here.

If there's a guy shooting here, where's the proper space across? No, it's next is a good conversation climbers camp at the middle of a massive Cliff who? Why though they needed like a resting point right? So they probably like press save before this this point, do you think you could sleep like that? Oh I know I wouldn't spike a Chihuahua is 23 and currently the oldest living dog in the world. Is it me or do we see like the new oldest living dog like every single day and they range from like 14 years old to like 31. I think like am I crazy Oh well. good for you I made it to 28.

Suck on that. Get on my level. As morbid as it sounds, it will be hilarious if you died the next day. And then the Chihuahua was like what? What You're Gonna Knock on Wood right? All right thanks.

A 140 million year femur bone that weighs a thousand and 102 pounds 500 Kilograms was found in France All right, whose femur is this? Who out there weighs about 100 000 pounds? You wanna say that again because it's just a femur that's only like 1 100th of your body weight. Really? Any speculation about what left it there for references: My Mom attack of the phone oh damn your mom is like oh no, your mom come please crush your city Ariel shot of the Forbidden City Beijing oh my God it's it's like uh. every like Temple dungeon in a video games map. This is making me think of DnD right now.
All right. Our three adventurous have just entered the main gate and there's a real room here. Room here. Room here.

where would you like to go? All right guys. We're starting our first D d Campaign together and this this is the first uh dungeon we go to. Wood Splitting Sword This is a wood splitting sword. Well let's give it a text.

Cloud Sword Wait how come she can't split the wood underneath the wood s of much have just come true that's petrified wood underneath. It's different. Dude: look at this woman's arms. If you think you're more Jack than her than you're lying to yourself.

I mean well like a guy watching who literally has the most jacked I was like okay Winston Bringing in the new Year with the new tail my beautiful boy has finished molting. Wow, it looks like a Pantone coloring book. when the eel wants caress the Alden ring NPC it's Pariah from Alden Ring No shut up. look at it Okay guys like look I can't be the only one here.

It's a new world's largest cruise ship icon. It looks like Mr BEAST's next video dude I've actually still I Don't think I've still ever been on a cruise. you believe that would you? Would you want to go on this cruise with me? I just don't really like cruises I don't like the idea of being trapped in one location for more than three days I like that idea and I can't go anywhere for like three days I think that's crazy Bush planes showing how little Runway they need for takeoff and Landing house they're already off. all right.

ready Runway Ready Go one two. Oh and he's off. They're already tilted up like to the max. You know, you know.

So you're saying that you should Point their noses down to make it fair game against the other planes and put in like 70 passengers in there like a full yeah commercial aircraft and then try and take off. Yeah yeah, just like how the Wright brothers dined I Only know of their accomplishment, not how they died typhoid fever Dude. Oh okay, all right, that's it for our Amaze Amazing! You guys are what's truly amazing. Y'all would be really amazing.

Oh if they push that like button and they hit that subscribe, Nah, that's it's. really hard to do that. You know? I bet they can't You know what nothing really amazing is if you clicked on another video. All right, thank you so much for watching.

We'll see you next time. Peace, Let's go.

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