All right. Hello everyone! Jeannie and Henry Here today we're checking out things that you absolutely cannot like. For example: Genie. have you seen the new game? Atomic Hearts Pals yeah I did They're so shiny and Immaculate and the animation is so clean.

so strangely disturbing, yet highly erotic. Isn't that so cool? Yeah, it's unicorn, you know. And then she pales her. oh, what is happening? Oh that's that's kind of hot look.

She's like she's got like a slit inside of her. Oh and then she's she. she, uh, she fists her slit, just jams it right in there. God Kai Come come check this out.

I Don't understand. Yeah, going on. it's oh. look at the flexibility.

Oh, stick it in. Oh yeah. Oh anyways, that's pretty much it. sorry Kai you missed Miss Moses It's okay I Heard something about slits.

Basically she takes this and she just Jam sit in I See you just really wanted an excuse me. There's all kinds of videos like exploring more of this scene, right? This guy somehow's a flying camera and he's like going all up into the scene so you get into like the nitty-gritty oh my God what does he mean by 2B I Don't have as many polygons as two bees? Yeah, so if you're curious as to what the actual fight looks like, this might be spoilers. But here's a segment. Oh mommy, keep going.

Just let it happen. Bro, let it happen. dude. Why are you resisting.

Just let it happen. Oh, he touched her. He got. he got to feel her butt at the bottom of his feet.

Oh they have wires too. This is so badass. This game is. It's so sick man.

Now here comes the Rule 34 part. Okay, we didn't even play the game. Why are you ruining it? So Exhibit A: You have the two ballerina Twins and one man. Lucky man.

Oh Is that real spice. You're right. This actually looks so real. It's insane.

Like it's the models in the game. The game like just came out too. Damn. this came out of nowhere.

Whoa. Whoa. These are moms. The list of Rule 34 just goes on and on.

These people went to work and they're in their jaw. Look at this food out there. Are you gonna show them more? Are you just gonna keep on clicking the same picture? Oh, that's it. Oh okay I don't know how we transition from that to the rest of the video since you're here.

Thanks! I Hate reading about boobing a six-year-old Sarah's journey in lactation education and Doula skills. Oh my heart. This one asked for booby at this before he latched on. He shared these words of wisdom with me.

Boobies not actually just milk, it's a device that moves your love into me and my love into you. Joshua Aged six years and five months, delicious is latching on and then moving your love into me. Henry What? Don't lie, you would agree with this quote. It's like my penis is just a device that moves my love into You and you're a lover and your love into me through my peace.

The funneler of Love funnels go one way. just for some context. These two are the same ages as Leonardo Dicaprio and his new girlfriend dude isn't that? She's like really young. She's 19.

and she plays a 14 year old. Wait Leah Leo's dating a 19 year old? Are you serious I don't think so. 21? Yeah, so he goes for 21 year olds. That's fine.

There's a big difference. Yeah, no there there really is I can't tell if we're being serious or not. Can you believe like Arya was like 22 or something I thought she was like 12. Arya Maisie Williams see she's she's 25 dude and she was like 12 in game with a wolf.

What? The dude Game of Thrones really changes somebody, huh? The Tonight Show with starring Jimmy Fallon Our first guest tonight is a man who has no skin but cannot die. His condition has confounded doctors and Priests alike. So what's it like having no skin Jimmy my every moment is Agony that's Are you that insensitive? No, she just finds everything funny. Genie is like my Jimmy Fallon every time I make an unfunny joke, she laughs and then you guys think it's kind of funny, right? find your Jimmy Fallon dude, find your Jimmy Fallon I use ice cream to persuade my kids to take their medicine I'll try that.

How's that ice cream Toby It was poisoned. You'll be gone soon. Oh look, here's the antidote to save you from a long and painful death Success! What's wrong with this Actually poisoned in the No I Have to Why? no, what kind of dad would put Also, at that point then he made him drink cough syrup for like actual deadly poison which isn't Gonna Save him So I was like what are you talking about? Why is the Prince always with an underage girl? So who's that? Yeah, who the is this guy? Wait, aren't the princes also 14? Then are they all Leo That's because underage girls are the best at sending you to jail. which is why you should never go after underage girls.

Do you pull the lever? killing one plus one plus one plus one people, one person for every integer resulting in infinite people dying. Or do you do nothing allowing the trolley to kill one person for every real number. In both cases, infinite people died, but in the top case, the smallest possible Infinity of people died whereas in the bottom case, a larger Infinity of people die. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

What do you do I Jump in front of the trolley because this man I don't know. Kill the smaller Infinity No Infinity Yeah, but that one's smaller. Why? how is this smaller? Because there's less people in that one. They're can't be less if it's Infinity there's infinite I'm I'm no.

but there's different sizes of infinity. How do I make my memes better? Make the last panel super outrageous? Really? Yeah. Look, Oh yes, you know that's not that bad. Actually, that's it's.

pretty good. There's no story here. That's why it's great. You should keep doing this.

Keep all the good work. Thanks I Hate this lamp. Arrangement It's not Titties though. It's not titties though it is.

YouTube it is two lamps. literally two lamps. So how do you sleep in this room? You're gonna have a constant impression. That's why you have to turn the lights off.

Oh okay, thanks I Hate avocados even more. Oh, the avocado is about to expire. Test it over before I Love being love wings and I hate everything I wish I was young again. my body grows off dangerous person.

Okay, this is pretty funny. What do you mean Thanks I hate it because it is very true with avocados. You literally is like I'm gonna go take a poop real quick. come back.

it's brown and you're like oh my God Dude. oh man. I hate these. The color on that.

It's uh The Forbidden Fudge Sundae Caramel Forbidden Caramel sundae. Oh my God Is it? Is it weird though? I Kind of want to try this. What if your teeth were naturally flaccid and got hard when you got hungry? but Mom I'm not hungry honey I see your heart? just eat it. Oh what the when? anything like gets hard, it just feels special.

When the time is right and we need to get hard, we get hard and sometimes when time's wrong, you still get hard. Some little boys still get hard. 2022 has been hard on all of us. That's Jennifer Lopez It's what.

Why damn. Jennifer You you aged and you grew a mustache. I Thought this lady was giving birth to a damn rotisserie chicken. Oh it's her feet.

It's like one of those uh, like leg spreading devices. You know, like they hook you on to the these straps and like they spread your legs in the air. Of course the spine goes like thanks I Hate realistic Lego Feet smash. wood smash with smash.

would smash. Would definitely smash. Source Here you go: I Don't want the source I Want you to be wrong unless this is actually the source for some good fine hentai. In that case, don't burn that.

That's the kind of source everybody wants. and it's very funny because I Feel like when I see on? Twitter I see like them fighting and then well, then final ask us to do a source and then someone actually posts like a legit source and it just becomes dead quiet. Now that's when you attack the source for not being researched properly. I Feel like this is a paid study? all right now.

We're moving on to our awful which is basically things I Hated I Know being drunk is worse for most people, but for me, being see actually helps me drive better. I'm calmer and quicker to react because I'm thinking about what I'm doing less. you're gonna kill someone because factually, alcohol slows your reaction time. Okay I'm gonna play Devil's Advocate here.

Oh boy. here we go. If you're like slightly buzzed, you're not drunk, your motor skills are still there, but you're a little bit more relaxed. But don't drink and drive kids.

The gaming chair dude South Park has become a reality I Thought South Park was mirroring reality. This is only for the most elite of Gamers The True Gamers The Hard course. No girls can use this too. You stick this weird as you piss.

What? 10 years ago a band preferred to use a gunpowder flare over a non-flammable one in the club because the gunpowder one was cheaper. The result was 242 deaths and most of these people were between 18 and 21 years old. Oopsies! I Killed 242 people I Feel like it'd be really ironic if this. Their song also had like something with fire and flames through the fires and then literally cops killed a man by putting him in the jail freezer where he froze to death.

The only reason we know about it is because one correctional officer recorded surveillance video which contradicted the other cop's story. So they fired that correctional officer What? Yeah, oops, he's left him in the freezer. Oh dude, for all these posts of people dying are just like whoops. IE I was browsing YouTube for nursery rhymes and this is one of the thumbnails of search results.

My favorite nursery rhyme Bingo Super simple song Okay Mom and Dad I Remember you seeing you do this as well? Don't you do this all the time? I Want to click on this one I Want to watch this What? He doesn't need to click on it if he saw them doodle? Okay Amy Box stole 250 million of a government aid program that was supposed to feed children in need during the pandemic. She's the Founder Executive Director of Feeding Our Future I'm the Future I Am. Well that's that's down to these charity things. Actually want to steal all the money? Five frame move.

Damn. these people are going straight to hell in 1991. John Belser Back was suspended with pay and later fired for having handed over an injured 14 year old boy to serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer Oh he was later rehired and retired in 2017 as President of a police.

Union Wait wasn't this the story where like he ran out and ran to the police officer and he was like asking them but then Jeffrey Dahmer was such a like handsome convincing man that the police believed in him. I Forgot to mention the 14 year old was naked and bleeding out of his ass and other places too and donor managed to convince the police this is normal. Damn, how do you become that convincing of a person? How do I become smart Okay become psychopath gotcha I Can do that. A family was trying to figure out who keeps pissing and leaving poop bags on their late mother's grave.

Hidden cam capture the culprit who turned out to be a guy she was briefly married to and divorced in 1974. She wow, somebody's bitter. It's a lot of effort to do that isn't it? Because like, are you holding the bag over your like? Also, you have to tie that up and you have to smell it like you're putting yourselves through a lot of pain. If you want to live forever, plant a tree in loving memory of Victor Ramos Didn't they plant the trees? Yeah, they planted a tree and then it and they cut it.

There's proof. Yeah, but they planted it. Yeah, they distilled. They still planted a notice in my apartment laundry room.

Please be sure to rinse off any solid matter from clothing prior to putting it into the washers or dryers. It has been brought to you. Management's attention. That human excrement and other solid matters has been found in the washers and dryers.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Oh dude. Henry you've been in so much trouble. Dude.

Wait, what? You leave so much solid matter in your pants all the time I find like two Burt's Bees per wash. Okay, let's literally just chapstick. It's a solid matter All right. that's it for.

thanks I Hate it. Thanks for being here I Don't hate that I Love you I don't know about love though because I don't know who you are but I definitely think you're awesome. Thank you so much for watching! We'll see you next time. Peace! Thank you so much.

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