Hello today we're checking out. Damn that's interesting girls. Yeah! Ollie Cakes is here today. She's one of our favorite guests to have on the show and she always brings such eloquent and amazing commentary.

Isn't that right? I Hope oh my. God So it's so like stuck on there. It's so solid. Oh my goodness, the stability is insane.

And you could do machine guns with your titties too. I Want one? Where do you get one of these high quality latex suits? Is there one for men for their balls? I Know that? Just that? No, oh no. can you utilize that gift for certain things? I Was thinking she must be amazing at at the clock 3000. that's a good book.

Three thousand? What? Wait, you know what's the craziest thing about this video? Two dollar and four cents? That's true. Yes. Oh oh, what's in here? Wow. Car keys? okay, cable? uh, an entire an umbrella? Do you really need? like a pocketbook or purse at this point I Had that kind of story and if she gets the latex suit then she doesn't have to worry about any of it falling out.

yo. This is like video game VR but in person. Okay, so you get like the bags. we're going to this giant green room and then you play the games.

but you have place to walk. It's like an elementary school gymnasium but for zombies shooting. I Was distracted by that. Like first, what are you distracted by the headsets? The amount of green in the room? Nice.

Yeah, yeah. And those shoes. The lifts on those right? Her shoes. Very nice.

A male owl delivers a prey drop to his meat baby. I bought you food. Thanks babe. It's more than just an offer of food.

It's an exchange. But she's like, no, no, she did it. Oh, that was it. Yeah, that was it.

He busted and laughed Wonder every guy's like, finally, there's somebody that lasts even less than I Do she looked confused after she was like what? Just because it's brief does not make it unsuccessful. Yup. I've used that one before too. Buddy instructor teaches baby how to swim.

You already know what. Maybe you still have no like I would advertise reloading mechanism of a T-64 tank. That part looks like a hot dog. It does.

It's so large. Oh wow, that's so cool. Not a hot dog I Like it I Was watching like a science fiction movie Dick using the same pen design since 1955. honestly, that's why they were always like.

kind of like low-key the ugliest pins. No, they're the most uncomfortable like I hated Bix You know these are always like the last optional. Okay, we've been shooting on them and we got children. yo.

You don't need to do your homework anymore. The future is here and they use Big Super hard. If you're like a school like, how are you supposed to counter this stuff Can you have an online boyfriend with it with it? You can't ask it to create special scenarios just for research science purposes. Kathy Sees a show jumping horse that's not a cow? Oh oh hey, oh hey, that's not.

That's not bad. destroying expectations I Want a cow? Can be a show horse? You think I could go higher? jump higher? No. Oh that was good enough. That was good enough.

He did a great job. Don't make him feel bad Michael Jackson in 1978 before the plastic surgery Pepsi incident and Vitiligo kind of looks like um Corbin blue I had such a big crush on Corbin Bleu right? look at that smile I mean this in the nicest way but you kind of remind me of like a frog. are you saying he's Pepe called Blue Genie yeah he looks very Pepe to me. oh my God Miriam Rodriguez hunted down 10 members of the Cartel that kidnapped her 20 year old daughter.

She stalked the one by one across Mexico until they were either dead or in prison. She taken them. No, but she said it in. Spanish I don't even understand what I'm scared when traffic comes to complete stop in Germany The drivers by law must move towards the edge of each side to create an open Lane for emergency vehicles.

What kind of smart is this true? Germans I Know for sure in America there's guaranteed to be that just jet down straight in the middle. Fahim A 15 year old boy from Bangladesh chose a shipping container as A hiding spot while playing hide and seek with his friends. He fell asleep and was found six days later in a Malaysian port. Oh, it's really skinny.

Well yeah cause he starred for six days and he did all this without making a YouTube video to capitalize on it. Locked myself in a storage container for six days. Yeah, that's like 200 hours like Mr Beast can't even do that Princess Diana's grave is isolated on the island in the middle of an ornamental Lake and not open to the public. What's to stop someone from swimming? Yeah, it's just flooded with piranhas so like nobody can get there.

you know they should. What you see below in the couple of pictures is the lifestyle of prisoners in Holland's Maximum Security Prison Norway Norway Prison views themselves more as a rehabilitation center nicer than my place. Like yeah, you have a really nice home. They actually like hired an interior designer for this dude.

prisoners fresh produce Potter Pottery classes. that guy with all those tattoos hardcore I went from murdering people for the game now I Murder these pots send me the noise oh my. God Will you go make a trip to Norway or something? When we go to a trip to Norway and then commit a crime, it's like the smallest crime we could like. I Mean not planning on nothing.

Only five. Olympic Athletes ever have won more than eight gold medals and four of them hold nine gold medals. Michael Phelps holds 23. if he's like going past 10 gold medals, that's when you throw a shark.

Really, try beating that roads in. Turkey After the 7.8 earthquake, there's like a brand new road too. It was like so beautiful. Mass destruction Beautiful.

A woman battling breast cancer made the love of her life on December 22nd. just 18 hours before passing away, the couple went at a hospital chapel in Connecticut So sweet but looks so sad. She looks amazing though in her dress right she can see she got married to the love of her life and then for the husband. He's like till death to us part 18 hours later.

Yep. all right I'm out all right. Ferdinand Waldo de Mara Jr Pretended to be a naval surgeon during the Korean War and pre-formed over 17 successful operations before he was exposed for being an imposter. What he was secretly just doing good.

Yeah, he's a good guy. he just never got the license. If it were, if they were successful, then does it really matter? Might as well Here you can just give for the rest of your life. Maybe that was his mission.

Accomplish accomplished. U.S Still spends more on Military than the next nine countries combined. You're goddamn right America Because we gotta make sure we're number one. me up here in Canada Like yeah, especially you Canadians out there they're ready to face a rash.

this is. Dr Donald Klein A fertility doctor who illegally fathered 94 children. He discarded donated sperm and replaced of his own. He served the one-year suspended sentence for his atrocities.

One year. That's it. What is the fertility doctor? Is that a thing? Yeah, Why did Google disappear on my sidebar I Thought it was going to open a new tab. What is the side Google thing The FBI agent being like here I Got you bro.

Oh thank you Women Rescue Stun Hawk Thank you hey um sir I mean this is a Wendy's is that an eagle? It's a hawk Henry they literally just straight picking up a hawk. Oh this rock is so chill. he's like oh he's like hello he looks very disgusted. He looks very offended like how dirty human.

how dare you There you go there you go. Do you think that Hawk remembered her like comes back with a present like a cat. He came back with just all over her balcony. What a dick.

One time a bird into my kitchen. my grandma just like picked it up and likes you. She's like new news reporter on Ukraine Warfront. What's up Tick Tock Do you know what is this on Tick tock Oh my God She keeps getting scared.

Yeah it's so cute. Are you sure she should be reporting the news? Maybe they should hire somebody else who wants to jump in. Looks so shy and timid. she may be that jumpy but the cameraman Staples I jumped that valorant.

you're a snipe. but I'm like just a man making harmonious Sounds by himself Oh I'm ready for a banger. Holy all right, it's so good it's impressed. but at the same time I feel sad he probably couldn't find friends too.

Okay, let's leave the bed so he's like I'll do it on myself and I said he was gonna make music with himself I thought something. do what now I don't know. this is man. Imagine if she could like happy birthday like hold up, rewind a chick.

thanks Google I'm gonna go and test this out tonight. class. anyone can quit if they try harder I'm pretty sure a guy cannot. Quest I'll figure it out.

Okay War Veteran recalls his time. He's running faster than I ever ran before in my life. Everybody else was moving so slow I couldn't understand it I got up there and jumped up and I died. There's this young Soldier right across the road from me and I came up directly across from me eyeballed eyeball and he was just a shocked as could be and the thing that I could never forget was he smiled and did you smiled I shot him.

It's a guy that's accepted his feet and is okay with it. Oh he smiled because he admired your play. He's like yo GG fam It's like I don't know about that in my head I Just came up with a whole romantic fan fiction where there was oh my God the difference from men and women. They both dropped their weapons and had gracious anals on the floor and they lived happily ever after.

I Wish yeah, body control of a horse Archer Us: huh? He doesn't ride a horse? No, no, sometimes sometimes he's got a white horse, right? Oh, is this how they practice and imitate the horse joke? Why don't they just do it on a horse? Maybe it's one of those sensors that's like you're not right here? Yeah, supposed to stand on the horse. Is that why it's just a trampoline? Archer Yeah, yeah. 1998 Sony Had the chance to buy the rights to almost every Marvel character for 25 million. They opted to only buy the rights to Spider-Man for just seven million stating nobody gives a sh about the other Marvel characters.

What are you sure? that's the exact wording they gave. Did you guys see the new Wakanda? No? No. I was supposed to watch it in LA right? Yeah! I Think my dad downloaded the wrong one contest. not like what you think it is, but like he downloaded a version that looked really horrible.

Dad: why are you downloading these movies you have Disney plus and he's like oh yeah, see oh crap sorry it's Tuesday 700 continuous rounds smelt suppressor Oh I see it hanging up Oh my god dude I don't know. oh are you sure that we can take it when the things burnt but he's still shooting when he goes for round five. he literally does not go but I think he's firing at do you think he like hit the whole Target dude there's nothing left of whatever he was shooting at. yeah he wrecked the entire building this turtle was found by.

US Coast Guard of 53 million dollars worth of cocaine attached to it. God Damn it they trusted a turtle with 53 million dollars worth of cocaine. Henry I Think you can train? Turtles What? Because they can. This is the most expensive turtle in the world.

So when a turtle does it, it's fine. but when I do it I'm sentenced to life like what? The challenge between Volvo and Ford and who has the strongest material? Oh can we place our bets? Volvo I'll say Ford Okay I'm gonna go with the the one on the bottom because it looks like a spaceship. All right bubble. let's go.

Oh oh Lord Get Wrecked I Knew the Swedish made amazing things but I didn't think it was gonna be that much better. All right this is the best ball Vlad you can make I Thought were always cars that are affordable. Words are like affordable. Okay, you guys both missed the pun no I got you Okay thank you.

You always go with a spaceship book in one that is not what a spaceship looks like. No, it is perfect for space travel. Many radiation sources have this unusual warning printed engraved on them. Danger dropping that you you pretty much have cancer.

I Like how they have to put the instructions there because somebody probably just like ran but forgot to drop it. but then like the next person would pick it up and they'd be like and then the cycle would continue and they keep dropping running, dropping running. It's like a baton touch but with radiation. Daytona Beach Florida In the 1980s you're headed for hell.

Why? Mainly because they're in their bikinis. This is going to hell. Then she should come to 2023 and see. um oh no, she should go to the French beaches.

We got the nude beaches. We didn't take you guys to the nude beach here. It's like it's actually nice. Do we also have to be new there? Or can we just? you don't have to.

Everyone's really chill there, but there's a lot of balls everywhere. Yeah. I'm down to go. gotta see some naked people.

It's just the dudes though. Okay, that doesn't make it any better. standing on top of a nuclear reactor. It's like a video game level.

Be careful around that crack. the one accidentally like slip down, dropping your phone down there and then just yo wait if you actually drop something down there. explosion. Until recently, it was considered polite and proper to wear the dress of the people you visited.

So if you just visit Japan no now it's called cultural appropriation. I Think like they actually take it very seriously and do it very well and so it looks more like they're honoring them right? This looks like quality materials versus like go to Party City and getting Sombrero right. Contrary to popular belief, no amount of alcohol is considered safe to consume. Damn it.

Neither any time nor any amount of alcohol is safe can cause cancer. Ask her who there is no safe type or amount of alcohol that doesn't affect. Health Alcohol can contain cause seven types of cancer including bowel and female breast cancer. Ethanol causes cancer as the compound breaks down in the body.

Which means any beverage containing alcohol, regardless of its price and quality, poses a risk of developing cancer. God Damn it. Science always ruining all the fun right? Because I literally just looked up like 10 years. Read the number one: promote skin health and weight loss.

Oh yeah, definitely Tequila? Sure. Venezuela has the weakest currency in the world as of now with 1 million Venezuelan Boulevard valued at close to one dollar saying like if I go to Venezuela right now everybody we're headed to Venezuela here. Ball out of control. but why is it all the same guy? Isn't that how it is in Korea too? you're race.

Wow. a gathering of black African albinos in France It's A really strangely specific. They kind of look like really cool and fashionable. They all look like models.

They look so unique. What does that say is who am I the LA River right now wait is it the LA River is supposed to be like literal dry sand? Yeah, at least you don't have a drought anymore. What? Congratulations during New Year's all of my friends were like they went to a rave and they were like drowning in it. It went up to their drowning.

Okay actually Johnny yeah I wanted to imagine that calm with Ali like hey girl I'm literally oh my God Brian Walsh's shocking Google searches After his wife went misting, he searched how long before a body starts to smell? Oh yeah it did. How to swap a body oh my God Why Why literally telling the FBI agent that's monitoring you that you killed your wife, How obvious can you make it okay that that is where I will? oh my God Okay at that point I can't defend you dude. Okay, have you seen breaking bad and then hydrochloric acid? hydrochloric acid? Any decent assets gonna eat right through this on hydrofloric at 6 25 A.M First how long the sound would be missing to inherites? Can you throw away body parts? How long does DNA last at 9 59 a.m can identification be made on possible? Wow at 11 34 a.m Dismemberment in the best ways to dispose of authorities at 11 44. I don't know I kind of know the feeling uh this guy might have killed somebody I can't tell.

My question is why it went from 5 a.m all the way until 9am between he's like should have went on being man being gives you better results Texas Canine Snips out 1.7 million dollars worth of marijuana, mushroom, lace, candy bars. Maybe this is like a good investment opportunity. you know, get yourself a canine and like maybe if you're lucky you'll find like a million dollars worth of drugs then you'd have to turn that over to everything and then I just Google like So if you find a million dollar drugs like how do you keep it for yourself, where to sell it if not sell it how much can I take it I had to hide drugs from the FBI agents your FBI agents in your computer right now like Silverado versus two trucks. he needed a Volvo what a mistake.

most elongated Peruvian school ever found. you mean the alien Okay I laughed because it reminds me of Henry's head. What if you see Henry right after he showered he has a really like long skull I love it mid kind of long you know I love it honey I feel like that's what like Marge Simpson's head would look like yes you can write the Declaration of Independence on his mother show off their techniques. This is posted by a British person.

Canadians Don't spell Tire like this right? You guys don't do that. No, we're not that weird. Yeah, good, good, good, good, good. What? There's another tire inside? Wait what? Wait how many are there? Oh my.

God that's how they smuggle it. How do you compress it down to like fit in there? It's like those Russian dolls guys? Yeah, but very illegal. What is that? Like four? That's pretty cool. Your car remote to work.

you can actually range radio signal but you can use using the distance it can travel. What? Just like the rest of your body, your head contains a lot of water. When you hold the key fob against your head, the electromagnetic waves from your car remote interact with the water molecules in your head. This moves them around.

This movement creates a wave that adds together with the remote wave, amplifying it and increasing its range. And you can actually try this for yourself. I Feel like I'd look like an idiot doing this itself won't work. but if I hold it up to my head, it does work.

You can also try this with a lot with water instead. I'd rather do it okay I'd rather do it with a bottle because I don't know what the heck that's doing to my brain I thought she was gonna like put it on top of her head like in antenna look like a in the parking lot with your crazy person. So Henry goes around this place where's my clothes? It does look a bit more normal when you like do it to the neck. oh my.

God the parasitic bat fly has co-evolved with its bat host for millions of years. They have developed a flat hard body to prevent being crushed and velcro like hairs and Claws to hang on to their host. What? I mean it's just like kind of cute but also like kind of terrifying I mean at the same time the bat is cute, the parasite is not cute at all. Well they're like besties.

No, it's a parasite. they don't actually want them to be there. it's like voice yeah it's a guess like what the hell police in UK utilize a metal detector in order to tackle and to tear knife possession. Do they just like set it up? Also like if you had a knife wouldn't you just turn around and be like nah, it's okay a different way home I Don't need to go down there.

All right, that's it for it for damn that's interesting. Damn no one give a hand to Ollie Cakes for being here. Thanks for joining us. Very interesting.

Okay, we'll see you guys next time. Peace.

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