Today I Got some maybe maybe maybe moments for you. Like this guy about to commit seppuku with his C that does not look good, but it's fine. It's just a tarp. Do you think the cat would have been freaking out I think the cat just sees a tarp Genie Well why does this helicopter's blades look like it's going through the tree? What an optical illusion.

And then the girl comes out of a pool. What? What is the Henry What is this man going to do to his wife? How does she have like a beanie on and nothing else? You activate a new GT CH code and they actually act like GTA MPCs too. like the way they go. Like this construction accident.

the entire thing goes down. It's a show. but hey, I think they all make it a life. D that man supported the weight of like two Brethren this completely vertical slope.

Okay, there's no signs of of horizontality here. it's just vertical. It's just a cliff parkour snowboarders. they're like oh yeah, that's black diamond.

All right. See you. I'm like what the can you get it to spin infinitely so close wait. Does that mean you can create infinite power? Oh oh godam can you imagine this worked? I think there was a reason though.

Yeah, the laws of thermodynamics. Which law you cannot hack life When I was a kid, you know I didn't really go to the dentist a lot and I didn't really go to the doctor and then I when I finally went, they were like ah, you might as well just get like a whole new set of teeth. why didn't you go to the dentist I was poor. Oh oh next question oh oh this what happened to Genie got like six cavities had to do like deep cleanings.

cost so much money. Yeah the worst part is Genie can't stop eating Smarties every single night SweeTarts All right there. sweet. Get the name right? Sorry, how dare you insult me.

Oh what do we? Oh no. Okay back in it the human mating ritual. They got to be a couple. Dude, they came to this wedding together a man.

this is their first time meeting and then they got married and then they had kids. Dude this place is like sick. aren't human meeting rituals so interesting. 5 lers Zer F water.

oh it'll never happen. You'll never be able to eat it all. not even close dude. Wait, how is it actually moving now? because again he is scooping water out editing magic I Swear to God nobody has this patience.

Oh you, you didn't drink that. So how long did it take? Remember like when people used to do this on YouTube like those like cruel videos where where they just filmed like 7 hours straight the way to Brute Force virality Do something that nobody else wants to do. Does he have feelings? Jesus Christ I'd rather kiss a stranger. Damn this guy's going to go off himself later.

Here's a shy guy getting a little. Redemption you got a hug. my man finally got some. I Don't get danger noodle being dangerous.

it's a dangerous noodle. Oh no, it won't get in. Oh no, it wants to kill her instead. just get in the trash.
No, this could be the one of the hardest things to do. Sucks us like a spaghetti. Yeah, twirling like a spaghetti dude. oh my.

God then put them in the Italian way. Short track skaters finish so closely together that's impossible to pick a winner. They end up sharing the gold. Go closer.

I can analyze this. enhance Henry Enhance As you can see it's the girl the FR bot. Yep, it's the girl on the front. Yeah, give it to her I hate it when they pick up the wrong item in the store.

Is that her baby? Oh she has a different baby. That would have been awkward. dude. that kid probably was like you're not my mama but I like get up here.

it's true. Why didn't you say anything D you would have went home and looked at him and be like who the are you huh? What? They had a baby at a rave you know I wouldn't be shocked. Oh Japanese Live Stream 11224 Oh this earthquake earthquake earthquake oh my God it's B I got earthquake. did she make it I don't think that's an earthquake.

it sounds like Mom and Dad are going a bit too hard and then and you're like please stop. Apparently it was like a 7.0 was huge. This is your news update from your local redneck down here in Alabel: Georgia Shit's going crazy. This wind blowing my little ass around.

There's a trash can. it's like a school project. And my daddy. Oh no.

Oh not tree daddy. Wow. Excellent production. Whole family's in on it.

This is one of the most wholesome, cute videos we've seen from. Alabama This is the right kind of Family Video coming from Alabama Oh no. Oh no, she's down. But can she make it? Can you recover? Oh saing it up into second? Damn.

holy, where's this energy coming from? She probably was just recalibrating. recalibrating. All right. Good Zipline gone wrong.

Oh, that's going too. Oh, he can't even touch it anymore. He can't even touch it. It's way too high.

How fast is he going? Holy Holy My. God Why are you even doing this? Why are you up here? Go home. Dude. His hands are red.

It's a rope burn of a century. Can you imagine entrusting your life to a carabiner? Oh my God did you bought off Amazon for like 99 cense forgot is wallet in the house. Oh yeah, that wallet saved his life. See, being a forgetful person pays off sometimes I lose my wallet all the time.

Oh, this looks like a terrible idea D everybody's dying dude. this is how it always goes. One person goes down and the entire group. dude I would have oh my God I'm not I'm not signing up for this.

Why the do people do this? Oh my god dude. this guy must be like that Temple Run champ the Subway Surfer God the Frogger leap Lord the avoider of all danger. he's the sperm trying to make it to the egg. no that's your daughter dude.

can you imagine like taking that home and then like she takes her makeup off and you're like Mom hey baby, how was the dentist today? no I'm Disturbed this a numb try to drink that no practice Yeah I think they like the wrong do. this is scary. that's what I was I was like Tve Dent are people horny because of her bra straps? She's wearing one of those bras that like have a strap that like cut the inside of the boob right M and they kind of like strangle hold the boob a little bit to kind of like I know those I've I've seen some things. Does she have an Instagram ready? Go ahead Jack Go oh oh my God oh my God I wanted a PC PC I don't like this wa I don't want it are you PC M Race no turn oh are you serious? Yeah in what? Universe am I living in where kids like no I don't want a PS5 he's I can't watch port on this PlayStation I think you can Oh I can't visit Hentai Haven on this PlayStation you go yourself mom.
wait Oh okay I thought he was going to like go out with her. Would you be able to go on this? No. I Hate swings swings make me sick and vomit in the middle of the street. Not even a good Street Uhoh he's mad something's happening.

Oh oh is that pepper spray? I think so. What is What is this? Like they're fighting for their maiden's Fair Love Like what's going on. It's like whoever wins this fight gets to marry me and have my kids just like we did back in the olden days. Would men prefer that over how the dating is now? probably not.

If you're weak, do you prefer that? Oh why' you say? Oh oh, the coaches are even better than him. That's why he's the coach. He's like, you think you can do that to me I'm the one that taught you these moves. Don't forget it.

Oh my God Back up one baby bearaby baby baby. Holy ouch ouch dude. Okay okay okay, shut the up for a second. I can't the car it's locked around the other side of the gon.

Oh the poor little dog. like AI broken now not sure what to do I think her screams melted his brain so he don't know what to do no more. It's cool seeing like a deer actually like doing stuff besides getting hit by a car. Wow no no how wonder what he was expecting.

Ah what is it? Ka you having a baby brother Babys oh that's a that's gender okay. when will I ever be able to play football with my son I Just want to throw a baseball back and forth. Unexpected encounter with a bear. It's like he knows what that is.

why you pointing that stick thing at me. Oh the bear has three Cubs decided not to fire a. The key to learning a back flip is a surprising muscles. No I'm not going to do it I'm not going to surprise I think the key to a backflip is you got to commit I think the surprise makes it worse cuz then your muscle's like oh, what huh? how did it do that? What the fudge? Excuse me.

that's not how these balls work. Also, isn't that illegal? Yeah either. Ball you have to touch the table side. Okay, look, even if it's fake, that's still kind of impressive I'm not sure how he did that.

It's not fake. it's real. You keep believing that Chinny. just a few more attt.
Ms Oh yeah, just Hammer that in there you go loose. Perfect. Yeah. I don't know how they designed them, but they never.

Just like fit. Documentary filmmaker gets discovered by a group of lions he was filming. Oh no, we found your dinner for tonight. that's so Majestic He's kind of cute.

He walks like a cat I Don't know if you can outrun a lion al I Don't think you should be running cuz doesn't that trigger their Chase instincts? Yeah right coming. It's literally they have to shoot it. Holy sh so all cameramen that do this job have to be armed with rifles. Well I think I hope so.

So they're not just cameramen but they're also like Hunters no no head the the people around protected. That's what I always thought when as a kid like the people that film for National Geographic and Animal Planet I'm like dude, you guys got balls like how are they not dead you can take a small bite just B cor miserable dude see just bite it gentle. Oh genuinely those dogs always look like there's nothing in there POV your tette jokingly turns off the flashlight in a dark Cote air pocket I don't know about that. Are you going? Turn it off? okay, see what it looks like? One, two, don't scream three.

What? How we get out imagine bye, stop, stop it. You should have been like oh crap it's actually have power I didn't bring any spare batteries Oh God I'm out. Awesome plane landing I saw whilst hiking Colombia oh that's very diagonal but that doesn't matter as long as you landed. Oh Columbia Looks beautiful though.

yeah you want to be in those Forest no cuz I'll die. Oh he's choking. Oh it's a female. She has to give mouth to mouth.

It's two wom. they both have to give mouth to mouth. dude. dumbass.

Lady it's the heck heck yeah stomach. Oh there you go Woman: terrible Gamers and Terri terrible at saving lives. the other home had to go get a man. What is this attempt like? oh it's fine.

don't worry about it. would youd be able to do the he like maneuver? Oh yeah, I' squeeze the out of your stomach I Do it right now. no yeah, come here. give me a little snug snug.

do oh this cat's going to him up. oh he's going to get a paw to the face. Oh a even worse rejection. I See all these videos of super loving stuff but what reality is which is the bottom? That's what actually happens in reality.

But you had a cat that was like this. Oh yeah tiger. yeah Genie had the stream and then it died. Oh this seems uncomfortable.

Oh oh so if you up you lose your hand. a N would never do that for us. Some good acting though. Oh what? hey hey hey, hold up.

he's dead Now is my chance to I Love Yeah, that's my king. How did you know if you are cheating she is divorcing you? Yes, are you okay with that? I mean I don't want to get no divorce. but if that's what you know what we got to do, that's what we got to do. Do you love her? Yes.
Are you willing to do whatever it takes to stay with her? No. I Don't think you should ever just play it in a court. Well, it's kind of like a redundant question because if you ask that, it's like what guy is going to be like No. Because the moment any woman here is like, no, it's already over.

Dude: like you're basically resigning the relationship. There's a puppy in there. Why? Or a kitten in there. How do you know? All right.

So they keep opening it up. Finally, crack it open, open it some more. What the F is that there's a person in there? Oh, there's a man. Oh look at his elbows.

He fell down the toilet like it sucked him in. He got stuck. He was just. he was just there for no reason.

Okay, great wait. So when they interviewed him like so, why were you in that pipe, he's like no, Reas no, no reason And they were just like, okay, we'll take that. That's fine. How to golf in the snow? That's cheating isn't it? Well, that only works if you can actually follow the path.

Never mind, dude, you got to be reallying good at golf to predict exact exactly the arc. Don't miss. You don't need to do this. Why? Why are you sending a random bullet into the sky for this? Is he ever going to shoot it? Dude? Oh, they're never going to know.

Yeah, oh my fuing god did they just then and there decide like oh, maybe this is a stupid idea when it's night time too. all their neighbors just have to hear a sniper rifle going off. Damn they put in all that effort too. That balloon has accessories on it Dude China truly is an advanced Nation What am I watching? Oh oh, that's where I belong in the trash.

They're incinerating him J Sending him straight to the ozone A YouTuber documents himself spending 100 hours with a cartel. When's the last time you killed someone? Are you? You're I spent the last 5 day living amongst the most dangerous cartel in the entire world. There's a lot of risks that are going to be run and one of those risks is not coming back, you know? I I understand that I thought that was a gun poed it back in and I shot him again I basically went up to him and and smashed I like how they allowed like come on camera with is this all confessions? Yeah, just admit to a crime I guess in Mexico like nobody cares, they're just not going to do anything until explod accompanied by an ex Hitman For the next 5 days we climb the ranks of this Cartel from the good to the bad. YouTube Content is getting crazy.

Man people are doing like what TV shows? Can it's crazy? Like the fact that the Cartel would even be like yeah? sure. No worries. Go hang out for us. so put it on.

YouTube too sports cars are overrated. Some beautiful engine sound. Somebody's going to die. huh? Is it the Porsche huh? A golf? Oh my God the sleeper build.

Wait how is that car? Can I get that car? Yeah, it's not going to move like that though. Wait why not? Cuz it's a sleeper. Genie What's a sleeper? Somebody put an engine in there. Oh no wait.
What did he drop? Where did he get the bananas from? Geny? yeah, where does he keep? Where did they come from? How is he not full yet? Who is that guy? His fiber intake is is going to be crazy pants. hi I'm Liv I have a congenital Upper Limb difference with only two fingers on each hand hi I'm Grace I have escavar syndrome which makes my muscles and Joints tighter. but that doesn't stop us from giving each other a high five. Oh but it looks like it does stop you.

It stopped you. Pretty good in fact. she SL your face so sad. She looks like you know when you get like a fisheye lens but it's like way too fishey.

What if you get like a reverse fisheye on her and then she just look normal. Ooh we've got a hostage situation today. We got to be quick and accurate. We've already been given the green light.

We just have to take out the bad guy who's hiding behind a hostage 1,52 yards. Don't worry Miss for got you close enough I Was off by maybe like 2 cm but it's fine. Well technically he did resolve it. He didn't need to resolve the hostage situation.

he did okay. yeah people are going to help him out. great I don't even know how he was driving. just immediately crashes into the Hast stack.

Wow what an impromptu like pit team. They totally needed like 18 guys to close the hood playing a fair game of blackjack. One more card, it's 13 for deal 16 and ladies and gentlemen we apologize for this inconvenience and we continue game as soon as possible. Hell please the last and continue.

Thank you de shows 21 so thank you for playing it. Wish you good luck in the next round. What? wait? What happened? That's still 24? What? wait? So online gambling has dealers like real human dealers. What? They just like watch through the internet and then when they cheat like they can't do about it because it's like through a camera I Thought they just like use a computer 5 4, 3 Oh going to cry 1 and up? Yeah, why does this look kind of familiar? Yeah it falls.

It just like breaks down I Love that clip the cameram menu. Yeah it's so funny to watch terrible situation for her. my God that was like her dream probably over in like a second. The people who think I'm hacking I just bought a brand new Pc with no cheats and I'm still hitting Clips like this man they always get me with this one must be cuz I'm sexist or something I don't know Why does she speak as if though like when you buy a PC it comes with hack sometimes.

Yeah I don't think you needed to change your entire PC yeah she's like my last PC came with cheats I thought that's what they came with here. We have Genius number One putting on his criminal glove. He doesn't want any fingerprints from his left hand to be found, but the right is fine. He chases this poor Jeweler While Genius 2 and three make their entry, they start looting the place and luckily the Jeweler manages to escape.
Big Boy can't catch up with her and Genius 2 and three are slowly realizing they can't get out. One of them tries to pull while the other runs into the door as hard as he can go. Push that to let us out I swear I'll hold the door open for you Yeah mate, have fun in jail. Bye Okay wait, you got to go back and open the door Yeah! N I swear I'll hold it open for you yeah I li actually how's he going to get out like that other guy? oh that's smart.

The way they designed it is basically like like somebody's going to get caught. The guy that got left behind 100% turning those guys in. That's it for. maybe.

maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe you well have a great day today. We'll see you guys next time. Bye thank you so much watching guys!.

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