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in the afternoon you head outside. Oh sh, it's Seattle it's raining. You want to go out for a slice of pizza? No. but oh no, there's 17 puddles between you and that pizza.

Oh what do you do? You take out your weekend and everyday sneakers? Or their new Chelsea and Stormburst sneakers. You slip on your Vessis. You run through those puddles like like a linebacker going through seven-year-old children. Hry Oh in the heart of Winter my storm burst stand as my trusty.

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This girl films this video and then almost fing dies. Don't do this. This girl has no friends or family so on. Christmas Eve she decides to do this on the street instead.

Is she insane! She got insanely nice. These twin sisters are doing a kind of yoga that I'm not sure is actually yoga. in fact I've seen that more at like I don't know like.com or something. This guy flexing, the fact that he has three mids in bikinis cleaning his floor.

is this Andrew Tate no Andrew Ted has three men in bikinis cleaning his house. This woman speaking to the cop? what's going on she needs Bob The Builder in this bit how this man realizes that this is been baking in the Aussie Sun just goes to show. well it is all metal. It's all metal.

Oh wow, that's got to not be pleasant. This establishment's window getting completely destroyed. What's that guy's name? Buddy No the actor frell. Will frell.

he looks just like him. So my dad gave this vegan girl a real hamburger. She said it was the best vegy burger she ever had. she still doesn't know your dad is F.

And anyone else who thinks this is funny or even remotely acceptable is this is a total violation of trust, morals and more. What if they had an allergy? What if they're vegan for religious reasons? You can't just pull like this because they're vegan. Yeah, this is like when Eric Cartman chopped up this kid's dad and put him in a pie and had had him eat him. Oh my.

God Oh my. God Remember the Texas prisoner who sued for a cotton blanket because he was allergic to the prison's blankets and officials refused to give him a cotton one instead. I Got records showing the state spent over $20,000 fighting his case instead of giving him a blanket. Jesus Are you sure that's over a blanket? It's the principal of the thing tube girl Trend At a party with influencers this is two girl Trend So ignore everybody at the party and film yourself looking cringe.
I mean she's not getting into other people's space I'm like I don't care. Wow, that's so cool. Did you see the way she shook her hair at the music I Feel so so gay? Rate me on a scale from 1 to 10. But first, take a good look.

she's going to get roasted I'm going to say hard for what. that's kind of low. What could be better? Well, your foundation doesn't match your neck. Uh, you got fake tits and your eyes are kind of spread far apart.

How do you know they're fake? Uh, just by the whole overall body size that does not match up. That was kind of rude. Um, thank you. I Feel like they just give these people a script.

Now you know they're like here. This: These are the lines you say: You want to roast me like this? Here you go buddy. We'll give you $20 Like you can tell she wrote that roast about herself mhm cuz it's all stuff she probably sees in the mirror and goes like Oh my God like the foundation doesn't match. Yeah, like all what kind of dudes like even sees that I Have requested a Gway City Co to introduce a number of these wheelchair accessible seats around Gway.

we must do better and we can do better. Not to be an but couldn't they just sit on the outside? No, they have to be included. He always sits on the outside. what if he wants to sit on the inside between friends? But if you think about it, people who are in wheelchairs have a seat all the time.

Abusive ex after leaving me for the love of his life I love you I'm extremely sad I no longer have HIV it's progressed to AIDS I have 10 to 15 years of life they said today I'm a complete mess I want to be yours I should have stayed with you I got over I just want a BF that won't hurt me anymore I'm done with ant. He's done with ants. He's done with ants. He talks as if this is like a selling point like oh I have AIDS Now Now come Marry Me Be with me forever as in 10 to 15 years before I F Die It took Mary 10 minutes to saw a board into two pieces.

If she works just as fast, how long will it take her to saw another board into three pieces? Oh no, my brain. so that's 1.5 times. So it's 15 minutes. No, it's 20 because Henry if you have a board right to make one cut.

took her 10 minutes. So in order to cut a board into three pieces, you need to make two cuts. So each cut you assume takes 10 minutes. So 20 minutes total.

I Think this person this stupid question by the way. just bad at making questions. Yeah, this is a really this is just supposed to be like a a simple arithmetic thing right? Like a multiplication thing. Yeah, five minutes to Sol War One Yeah by her Logic the raping thing was wrong.

That like I just was correct. You were basically saying like a woman should just say no right then and there and leave. Not all girls can do that though. Okay, but that's what they should do.
That doesn't mean that's what they should do, but not all girls are able to that. Whose fall is that? I'mma just leave. Um I don't know I Don't feel comfortable when it comes down to the whole rape conversation and where you guys stand on that. bye.

All right, All righte. I Don't understand. like I keep seeing all these podcasts where it's like a dude surrounded by like 10 only fans Girls, right? And the entire time they're just trying to on these girls and then eventually the girls leave and that's the whole concept of these podcasts. Like none of them look happy to be there.

It just looks like a miserable time all around. woman donates kidney to boss, then gets fired for taking too long to recover. What? I Don't know I I Feel like I'm I'm tired of these like posts on face pal. That's like the most ridiculous sentence in the world and it's like there's got to be more I Don't know.

It's just like yeah. Makes total sense. Yeah So once day in my life I'm going to take your life now. A 14-year-old Florida teen fatally shot his sister in an argument over Christmas gifts only to be shot Moments Later by his own te teenage brother.

Authorities say my God this entire family just got guns for Christmas Huh? Jesus So does everybody get a gun like the the moment like a baby is birthed from the womb, they just hand him like a Glock and it's like welcome to the family. Lonely, inell, sad, cringe. A hug is $100 a tight hug is $200 A kiss on the cheek is $150 Pay me half a out beforehand and remaining during the meet. Public place like ice cream P or restaurant 5 minutes sweet date complimentary.

Don't forget to tip Can I take a selfie? It costs extra $50 each selfie but no touching Selfie with your arm on my shoulder is $100 selfie with your arm on my $2 W That's the real premium package right there. That's crazy that a tight hug is double the price of a hug because that extra tightness adds that genuiness that people look for and are willing to pay 200% the the cost, right? Yeah, that's true some people would have with you for that kind of money. What are you doing out here for a selfie with your arm on her? Your dick could be in her vagina for $200 Death row inmate Discovered there were untested fingerprints that have been found at the original crime scene. In a last ditch effort to prove his innocence, he successfully petitioned the court to run the tests.

They were found to be his. If you're in death real like, you got nothing to lose like you might as well give it a shot. but if you did it, he was going to die anyways. like what is he going to do? Doubly dying now like might as well miss 100% of the shots you don't take M Been drinking since I was 12 hard labor all my life.

Still get rock hard for my wife three times a week. Thank you Bush Yeah Bush Light. Let's go. This is a satire, right? It's got to be satire.
No, it's not. It's the greatest light beer in the world. Oh yeah, look at that power post with the with the headphones too shows me he's a real gamer. Isn't that a real man? A real man.

He gets rock hard three times a week just for his wife and sometimes her boyfriend. but mostly just for his wife. Same girl, but the girl on the left has wife potential and the girl on the right doesn't. Why thousand C Stare.

Learn to see it, never commit to it, and do your bit not to cause it. What's a th stare? You mean she has like a attractive smolder about her. Do my eyes also give you a th000 stare? Does it look like I've sucked. 1 Thousand does it for everybody saying that I'm hallucinating that I'm not the Joker from GTA 6 CH out your goddamn nuggets.

That's me. That's the person they got the inspiration from. You see that we got to talk GTA We got to talk or not, you got to give me like a mill to yeah I mean like they did say they took inspiration from from Florida men, right? Like did you have a viral video that occurred in Florida cuz besides besides that, like putting a bunch of tattoos all over your face isn't that original? A lot of people do it. Also, that guy's hair is purple and yours actually isn't It's been 5 years I Thank God for my life.

Cops beat up teen after bank teller mistakes his erection for a pistol. Good for him I'm happy for oh I mean well I'm not happy for what happened I'm happy for his pistol I mean his his erection photo of me taken 11 years ago didn't realize how sad and longing I looked. Oh oh you're the boy. Yeah, you're the boy.

He's like Love Me Again Jessica please they don't know that I'm rank one Gladiator in world Warcraft Surprise Anti-lgbtq plus moms for Liberty Co-founder has her own gay moms for Liberty Co-founder Bridget Ziegler Fights against kids reading books about same seex parents in school. Doesn't that give her more credibility then because she is Lgbtq? but she's anti. Maybe she doesn't like who she is? Oh okay, but hey I mean like respect? Maybe not respect for being gay, but then not wanting that for your kids I Don't know I just need to know where the real Uncanny Valley is. White people doing eye surgery to pass as Asians oh oh my God that's looks like an alien Yeah it's very disturbing.

This is count as like Lgbqt like he identifies as an Asian person I don't think you can do that and like deep down he feels like he's an Asian person and so he should be able to have surgery to become an Asian person like what? if that's just how he feels comfortable, you know that's his true skin. Not all of black slavery was bad. My great grandpa loved his slaves I Wouldn't doubt if he got a few of the black ladies pregnant I've seen a few with my last name. Anyways, they were treated like family.

They had a roof over their heads, full bellies. In return they worked. I Just wanted to put this out there. Not all slave owners were bad.
Yeah, do you think like back then if you couldn't get any then you were just like really bricked the whole time. You're just like, well you know you're my property. No law is protecting these people over here. might as well.

A friend of a friend sent a screenshot claiming he humbled her. It's always the white I swear. So what if it is I knew it I Could tell. thank you.

You ain't got no bread, no type of motion and you go hopping from brother to brother. You're lonely in life. Get your sorry life together. Oh my goodness.

Ugly a brother. What the yo brother ugly he look gay. he probably ain't got no motion either. Sorry couple.

what's your cash app? I'll spare you a few dollars. sorry Brothers wow he really told her oh my. God He sent her crying. oh she saw it, she glimpsed it I bet she's crying right now and she's regretting ever.

Crossing You yeah should American schools teach Arabic numerals as part of their curriculum. Yes, no, no opinion I Thought we are learning. Oh yeah, so it's like no, it's like oh well, too late for that. No, because they don't know that we're already learning the the Arabic numerals.

So like this question was literally like trap. It was a trap. So they specifically were trying to out people Iowa wanted religious displays in their Capital but said they wouldn't discriminate against any religion and the Satanic temple just put a display in there. and every Republican who professes to just love the First Amendment is losing their mind over it.

Can't be. Hypocrites If you said you'll accept all religion, then Satanism is not that bad. I Think they're kind people. There's some good people there.

The requested searches on Tik Tok Oh my God Search for Fat Latina Picks 13y year. that's too little amount of years. Still way too little reflection. Pick Sussy: What's a sussy reflection Pi Gen: I I don't know.

13year recoil. What's a recoil like guns goth? Asian Recoil: Are you sure 411 Latino recoil. What is a Rec Damn, that's that's a good search. That's a solid search.

dude. Whoever searched that Henry Not having recoil. One time this girl really hated me and wanted to ruin my reputation or something. So one day I was talking to a boy and she came up and really obnoxiously said you know she has a crush on you right? and he was like man I Hope so or else this is going to get really awkward.

She told my boyfriend that I liked him. that's got of cute. Well yeah, now that's just like a sweet comment. It's just like oh you two love birds So stop it.

former team lead sent me this: I cringe of my whole body Haha F VY me sorry Rya yo L my D you ow me L sorry babe. Oop pumping hard low. It's really nice pumping to already laid out chit. You're a celebration goddess.

Just let me maze make me seriously stop Came of a what? this is even harder to understand than modern Ling Mhm I think even Jen Alpha would look at this and be like I can understand Ohio got Queen rzl Lord more than this. Congratulations to the IRS on winning 8463 million Mega Millions jackpot winner of 1.28 billion Lottery gets it's reported on your tax returns and how much money it was worth so they can tax it I appreciate that. What? Hope your day is excellent. Thanks! Actually, let's switch places not too late.
hey there! I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you're incredibly handsome with an even more attractive personality I've had my eye on you for a bit I asked Alex about you and he said a lot of good things about you. That resonated with me which got me even more intrigued. Would you at all be interested in getting to know me on a deeper level? We can grab a bite and some drinks if you're interested in my treat. if not I completely understand and I can take a no haha.

just let me know L you're like 58 and a nurse too short for me and you work a woman's job. We're not compatible. Oh, you can still take me to dinner though. that's friends.

This o is like oh oh thank God I avoided that like oh my God I Had no clue that he was that stupid. but what? I don't understand right? is he's telling a woman that you work a woman's job like and 58 What is she supposed to be in the minds like 58 is too short for him? Like what is he a woman who's 58 H at all see I Feel like women are come with like really thoughtful smart High emotional IQ sentences and then men are just like five IQ emotional sentence on my flight was talking to a guy next to me and it came up that I run. He starts telling me how I need to train high mileage and pulls up an analysis he made of a pro runner's training on his phone. The pro Runner was me, it was my training.

didn't have the heart to tell him just tell him man you'd blow his mind yeah PL a kind next her was her coach. He didn't have the heart to tell her they both have like shorter memory issues should I spank my child A comprehensive flowchart. Are they old enough to understand reason? No. Then they're not old enough to understand the reason you're striking them.

Stop hting your child Yes, then use reason, Stop hitting your child. What a superficial View Law If it was that easy, no reasonable person would hit their child. What happens when the child doesn't listen to reason? They might listen to this Fing slap in the face. Just kidding.

I Don't condone beating your children I Don't think I beat my children Yeah, same weird physically hurting so many that you love unless I don't love my child. then news anchor telling 13-year-old to go outside and that beating the game isn't life goal after he becomes the first person to beat. Classic Tetris Oh my God maxes out the digits well. 13-year-old American How long play Gibson has technically proven that wrong.
He beat the original Nintendo version of the game as a mother I would just say step away from the screen, go outside, get some fresh air beating Tetris is not a life goal. Speaking of fresh air, let's get a look at the weather. Jesus Lady being a Fing news reporter is not a life goal. You know how many people could take your job right now? How many people can do what he did? Not anyone.

He's the first kid. Nobody's done it. Tik Tok Influencer goes around harassing couples. oh boy oh you guys.

Together you look like a bit of a Cck. So I'm just wondering. bro you know Oh my God sorry what you say I said you look like a bit of a cck. Are you who? you? SLA Me: Come back here Little Why are you walking away? For why you walking away For what the? Why you walking away for Come back Why are you walking away for Come Back Let's talk.

You wanted to talk. Let's talk. Get out of here. Who posted this cuz Yikes! What a prank dude.

Of all the couples he chose, he chose one where even the girl's bigger than him only he's got balls. It's good for this guy for not escalating into a full out fight where people would get hurt. Very big of him to be able to step down after being slapped. The entire building can hear your apartment beep loudly twice every 30 seconds.

all day and night. Please make it Stop. Imagine taking a picture of this thing in the note writer is unreasonable Is it? Cuz she doesn't replace her fire alarm battery? How do you deal with that? It's such an annoying sound. I'm saying like they purposefully make it one of the most annoying sounds in the world.

so you change it so you don't end up dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. Wom's brains are closer to that of intelligent primate than of man. That's why they can't see this obvious chain of events that's about to come. That's why they've created all this chaos.

They're meant to be under male order, but we gave them free reign to destroy the world. Someone bookmark this being like I must this is a lifechanging theory. Women's rights were a mistake. What do woman even contribute to society anyways? except sandwiches? Yeah, and sex.

What? Donald Trump Said out loud. Millions of followers of gorgeous sexy daughters. think about it'sing Weird thing to say. You think fathers whose daughters end up in Playboy or are actresses models who use their sex appeal to promote their attributes don't fantasize about them.

It's called being human. No. I think that's called being a monster. What's that thing they do on Twitter Like the best time to have deleted this post was now the second best time to delete that post.

Still, Now is Still Now I Did it wrong. How to Impress a girl Nine tips: How to make a girl like you never listen to girls on how to get girls. If you're trying to catch fish, you don't ask another fish. you ask them fisherman.
You got a point. No. but the fish can tell you where the other fish are at and like the habits that they do like. Oh yeah, we all swim in that like one little area of the lake.

Of course the fish would know if he could talk he coulding rat out the entire fish. Clan I Went on a date with this guy and he paid for himself alone because I brought two of my friends. Almost Some men are heartless, all of you blaming me. It is unfair.

Nah, a gentle man would have paid the bills and tell me politely after the date. That's the best thing to do not to just act so immature. Some men love dates with friends and some don't. So next time I will always ask before taking my friends.

Well yeah you should. Yeah, cuz I don't think cuz it's a date so it's supposed to be just you and him. What the is this like friends? two of them to so he was paying for four people I don't know a single man who loves dates with friends. Well yeah, because it's not a date, then it's just a hangout unless he can smash all of them the time.

I Caught this at a live show where he you reported him what's wrong with that What is that? What's worse is that the guy tried to Fel me up while I was waiting for my mom to come back because she forgot her wallet I told him I'm a child which is true. 17 is a minor and he said that was hotter. He wasn't wasted, he was entirely silver. He said that was hotter.

This can't be real life. People only say that on the internet. Well I mean I guess like if you like go outside in public wearing that, he's already brought the internet to real life. So while American families were struggling to make ends meet in 3 months of July August and September of this year Exon Mobile made a record amount of profit.

Yeah in 3 months. So where does that money go? 8.1 billion of that went right back to the pockets of their wealthy stockholders. Not you and me. Can I buy some some the stock Henry Can I get a piece of this.

8.1 billion Dude tanked. Yeah, looks like they lost money, huh? Never mind what a 10-year-old Mississippi Boy Who Was arrested for public urination after he stepped behind his mom's car to urinate has received 3 months of Probation and is required to ride a two page paper on. Kobe Bryant This is no way I me. That's a pretty sweet topic to be writing a paper on.

but what is gination have to do with Kobe Bryant The Lakers colors are yellow. the color of urine is yellow thereby. Kobe BR I Repair electromechanical equipment I Once had a guy tell his son right in front of me this is why you go to school so you don't end up like him then I Told the poor guy that my job requires a degree. He just stood there there and stared.

You shouldn't say this right in front of the guy like that's just plain rude. Plus this, these people probably make even more money than he does. Oh yeah, who's winning here? You're paying the guy a lot of money to do something very simple. We just turn the PC on and off.
Haven't even had sex in ages. sigh bro. I'm happily married with an amazing wife. Even she understands if I helped you out, she would even be proud of me.

even if I myself would feel like LOL That's like hell for me. but I would do it. LOL What is he offering up his wife? oh he's offering himself I Think damn. Elon's got a very loyal fan base here.

MH Not a lot of fan bases are just openly ready to spread their cheeks for you can Italian Spanish and French people understand each other. These are three different languages. What? American and English and Australian are different language too. They still understand each other.

I was like kind of understanding what you meant like cuz they're all Latin based languages just so they share a lot of the same words. But then she said this and I like no dude, why don't the women want to cook and clean for the men anymore? Because they're tired bro, They have to go to work every day. they're tired. Yeah, they got to go to work every day just like you.

What? What are they tired of of working? It's not hard. I mean I shouldn't even be like I I don't even understand the question like they're tired. Aren't you tired when you get on from work? Oh, they're working every day so they're tired. That's why.

Want to cook or clean? Oh my God man just repeating the answer so he could try to figure out if you can have a rebuttal. Yeah, because they're not staying home moms anymore, you know I find men cooking a lot more. Oh yeah, I Love to cook I think it's become a man hobby now. Yeah, cuz men cook better I'm just kidding Genie has an equally hard job as I do maybe even harder.

She streams for 4 hours a day at Twitch.tv/ Fatastic p Henry has to look at poor all day I know this is such a hard life really is. Oh God hard life. Why is it that whenever I meet a good guy we only Vibe as friends and whenever I meet a toxic guy, the butterflies in my coochi start acting up. What? I thought it's butterflies in your stomach.

if you're getting butter butterflies in your coochie, you should go see a doctor. Is this why nice guys never get any poon? You know, like I said you you I I bring out the best in you. um but uh, you make me happy I was happy before you um and if you and I decide to part ways for whatever reason, I'll be happy without you. Ouch! How did this guy even get married? Why dides she agree to this? There's so many women out there that are like normal functioning people with like normal emotional IQ and then they go and marry a dude with like seven emotional IQ and I've never really had someone like you I really haven't Um I'm glad that I I'm glad that I made you into the woman you are today.

What? and I'm glad that you I feel bad for these girls Man like you got to have other options out there, right? There's no way that this is the only thing you're able to settle for. Like 100% of his girl is smarter than him. but just like out of maybe low self-confidence ended up with him. Guy hired Mariachis for his doll girlfriend.
What the hell Oh my. God his doll girlfriend looks like something out of a nightmare. do girlfriend broke her leg yo I'm disturbed. Maybe our doll Tia deserves this.

You know she's been through a lot this year. a Patreon Locomo Revie. We put lots of sh in her. More than 20,000 users watching a person gambling in slots? Damn yeah! I never understood this either cuz like what's so entertaining about watching a bunch of likeing fruits line up? It's like oh my.

God Five blueberries lined up. Holy this is the greatest entertainment I've ever seen. but I don't know. Gambling is like one of the most popular things in the world.

So bar owner is arrested after. St Louis Police officer crashes into his business. The officer who crashed into the bar said at the scene that he was trying to swerve around a dog on the road. One of the bar owners said what? but why did you arrest the bar owner Yes I destroy your wall.

You come with me. you're being taken down to. it's like what Apple CEO confirms that Tech Giants are working on the driverless car Apple car. It's the year 2032.

You're driving on the highway to work in your Apple car when you hear the news that the new Apple Car 2 is coming out suddenly the speed of your car goes from 95 to 25 mph. Chaos ensu. Oh that's smart and then they're going to be like you can only charge with our ports. You got to use Apple pay to buy the music from the car and it's a subscription model and you can only unlock it with your iPhone not a Samsung F you I spent the money on other things like a Prada bag.

Wooden reveals you save $15,600 on groceries in Just 2 years by going on six dates a week and getting men to pay for food. Do PR bags really matter? Then again, they might be like do Gundams really matter. You know it'd be like really respectable if you save that money and put it in stocks like oh I don't know Exxon Mobile apparently and you became really rich and successful off that. That's it for cringe and face pal.

We appreciate you guys being here. Have a wonderful day. Peace bye I Didn't care.

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    Spanking a child is something I went back and forth on. Originally I was against it because I don't think it makes sense to physically hurt a child out of anger (or principal which makes even less sense sometimes, as in they do it because they made a rule and have to, regardless of the context of the situation).

    On the other hand, after owning pets for a while and seeing how animals work (I know this isn't the best way to start this off but hang with me for a bit) I've kinda realized that they use a physical approach when clearly language and rational are not available options. They're brutal than we ever need to be at times but they do this with their children and cohabitants to establish a sense of hierarchy.
    Similarly, parents cannot always reason with kids, even if they can understand, because they aren't rational. Their levels of rationality adjust over time. But the thing that does not is your dominance over them. You strike them to establish power. But not too much or too hard to avoid making them your victim or prey. You have to care for them, help them and love them as well so that they still like you, love you, and know you are their protector. It has to be established that you aren't to be stepped over but you aren't trying to step on them either. When you don't establish this, the child often times WILL try to dominate you naturally. Either by being rude and demanding and some children are even violent to their parent instead. Because they naturally grasp the concept of physical power = dominance. And their worst qualities come out without your guidance. This is why spanking should also maybe just be non-frequent.

    I also noticed this with pets as well. There are times when they're punished in one way or another, things that make them uncomfortable or displeased without hurting them of course, but they still get excited to see us and we comfort them like they comfort us. Because animals can get in trouble too for doing things they recognize we've expressed them not to do (that's why they stop doing it usually or sneak around to do it) but still later they're excited to see me and I give them lots of love and attention. It makes me happy that our cats and dogs like us so much.

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