Hello! Oh today we're doing hentai memes. Can I tell me how you rate this hentai scene Ten ten? Yeah right. Beautiful colors, good animations. Oh 11.

great voice acting. snakes going underneath clothing. Oh a second girl. Both of them very very combat wise random dude.

Well that ended like what happened. but it just got to the good part. It showed a cute guy I have that scene what uncensored right here for you because I knew you would ask. There you go.

Oh it's not that good. Here's the meme for you. This one's very funny I think we all know where this is going. Great service.

I'm supposed to mess with the girls. Did they like run our budget for the people in the back or what? Yeah, they look like they ran out of budget for this community. Oh this one has the budget. It's got her.

she's over. it's over. but there's nothing to grab. Oh yeah, hey, a victory is a victory.

The glasses. The glasses were like three hundred dollars. Okay, honestly I think that one is the best Anime plot be like I must do this to save MC's life. There is no other way that's literally a tag though.

It's like or die is what I've heard from Yuki I'm sorry I'm sorry. If you put it that way like then there's really no other choice. Logically, you don't want to die, right? but I mean you got it. You know what's funny? If it were like a guy who had to Ram Henry's up.

he's like no I feel like I'm good Spyx family No no No spy makes family. Dude, that's better than the actual anime. but they already have a kid. They can always use two, no or three or fifteen three kisses.

Where's that right? Jenny no why are you popping out and let's see if you want. If I had a womb for men, it could be the ass wound. No it can't. You never know Only in your yaoi fan if you believe hard enough.

really like the concept of your like I literally shat you out I shot you out into this world. you'll be grateful. Yeah when you give your Pokemon access to the internet I Thought people would like Sylveon because like Sylviana as a Pokemon is like cute Sylveon oh are you gonna do it? No I'm not. oh my God yeah what the is that hole that I'm seeing there? okay but like that's what I'm saying like why do people go for free porn? why don't they go for oh oh never mind.

it makes sense now. Why? Because she's wet. Oh well then Gyarados is the most the geared up a sea. Let's go.

Oh no it's a Misty. That's a very small wait but that's a very small piece for considering how big Gyarados is. You know what I mean that's very beautiful. So look at the Colors oh yeah it's like shiny I Refuse to look down on looking at her because her bikini is very cute I think that was a hot female characters though.

oh that one okay, that's not even a Gyarados at that point this is a siren. oh you wanted to the actual character I thought we were just looking at Gyarados in like rule 34 in general. but okay, your female friend by accident by accident. oops, accidentally knocked you over is it though? But that's the definition.
Is this not by accident? it's with purpose I'm sure there could be an accent in some way or another. It happens in the guy version for the anime all the time. They accidentally haven't you ever like tripped on an ice cube all of a sudden is like right in there and then suddenly like God decided to strip all your clothes at the same time. he's all like yeah my friend, why are you looking at me like that also her with no no warning whatsoever.

the woman do that yeah to check for breast cancer video. yeah do you not just like 40. okay no no I know some girls who do I'm more shocked. that's why like Kai would even do that in the first place I mean wouldn't like a stress ball be more effective at that point? like with the character say during sex the guy who feels good.

the girl. that's so true, it's so obnoxious dude. Basically the guy just makes like one noise and it's like one thing nut right? And then the girl just like just does that but like for the entire duration I Thought you guys were saying she talks too much as in literally like the guy goes like the girl was like the taste your Fitness exams if I shouldn't stick my crazy why do they make it so sexy? Am I right or am I right people. It's like that forbidden fruit you're not supposed to eat it.

It's a Temptation because it looks so nice. That's why guys say like you know they want this in public Henry just because we watched that sheets they won Jinx I Want Rapunzel everywhere everywhere anywhere anywhere. like just in all occasions. she's 18.

this is beyond science. Is that eel Ra Is this like what they do in those games actually that it's kind of asking for it. She has like this, why doesn't she get a new shirt? It's a post-apocalyptic world. It's hard to find shirts.

well actually we find armor all the time. but she's very frugal is all. And the thing is literally, she tells the main character to touch my crystal and he's like oh and then that's when he's just like oh sorry sorry, that's not your Crystal anime girls that lactate without being pregnant. Oh right.

I Forgot that was still the mean doctor Doctors It's a miracle. give me some of that booba milk. So this is the one thing I Never really understood men's Fascinations I Think most guys just imagine that the milk just tastes like milk. What do you think it tastes like? What does fruit milk tastes like? Oh heavily sweetened almond? Wait, it's actually yummy.

Exactly. So it's like, why wouldn't a guy drink it like wouldn't you want to drink it too if it can tastes like Heavenly sweetened almond milk. The flavor is affected by each what each mom eats at the time of the day. Okay, you know what men.

Maybe you've got a point. just a quick taste. but how do you have what was this big and be so lean at the same time? God Bless Yep, let's see if I covered her top right. Would you be attracted to the APAC ABS Would you also want to lick those abs? Actually yeah, just pretend like the guy and you're like no I don't need to pretend like it's a guy.
It could be a girl. Oh, you'd still lick it I Think it's fine to not be so serious. Every once in a while some say that having sex decreases a man's IQ oh that person has like Infinity IQ I'm sorry should having sex increase your IQ instead post now Clarity if you don't have like half your IQ is taken by your penis and you're only like maybe 50 capacity up here. If you have sex then the penis cools off, it's like chill and then you get all your IQ back influence the use aliens being revealed to the world I Come in Peace Rule 34 Artists instantly.

What is stuff? Context of this thing: When you guys were in middle school, this is what you did after school, right? What you you drew sketches of your underskirts, you put on a skirt, and then you're like no, oh no, she's illegal Henry Oh no. wait, is she illegal or is she just small? titty yeah. Is this legal? Is this legal? Depends on I mean that one's just cute. That's just it.

Is that legal? Is this legal? Okay Henry At this point this is where you just go. I Don't care if it's illegal when your home is invaded by succubus who intends to empty your fridge and bank account. That actually is terrifying. And she steals your taco.

No. Oh so do you get to steal her. V Carter She doesn't have a V card. You know what? It's okay.

we can take what we can get I'm pretty sure there are a lot of guys here that are like yes I Welcome this if I can have a succubus on my couch, take my fridge, my bank account. If I ever wanted to smash your fluffy raccoon ass, there's nothing wrong with that. Now for me. Sama You didn't need to say that but kind of agree.

But the thing is, like when they first met she was so young. man, you know this story. it's Shield hero. It's not a homie anime.

it was. Yes, it is okay. fine. it's a little bit imagination.

100 what am I looking at? We're entering fetish levels that shouldn't even be possible. Do you see how short her skirt is? Whatever she was asking for it. It's not a lot to say that. do you see those hips? Those hips are made for breeding.

Lies those hips are God damn how do you feel about this guy? Tell me your thoughts. Very symmetrical. There is some actual very box shaped. It's got some wide shoulders.

what you want from us man. I'm happy it's back. but I was prepared nevertheless. it was about to be gone.

Memes: If Hentai memes can be rescued, Memes of Hentai memes is gone. Oh what the let's remove for relax and moderation I Mean to be funny I've seen a lot of things they said. Even hentai has limits. like what? no explicit images of a lollies.

We've seen those before I Think no beasts? We've definitely I think that's what they mean. Well, you might die if you have to deal with three succubuses at the same time. Everyone: it's been an order. Are they swimming in like a pool of like dessert? Yeah, What is it strawberries? If I'm gonna die if I deal with three.
Could we not do two then? But you know how people say there are some things. Worth Dying For What If they just want to push that limit just a little more, you know the third one is what makes it like worth it. Is there a limit like four? If it's hard to last through four, he probably would go for four. I Mean you're running out of appendages at four, you know? I mean a new female character shown off in any piece of media? Yep.

I Just love May it was actually drawing Yowie. No no, she was drawing a mermaid. Oh no no, she was drawing. She was drawing.

She's drawing something this morning. Yeah, this is like Yuki When she was a kid, she was training her skills. Okay, when you need to pause your hand tie because someone is at the door. The nerve of some people.

Does that even count as hand tie? Isn't that more? Just like cartoon. It looks like a flash game from Newground from 2009. Yeah, you're getting all these magical girl girls Then magical girls now obsessed with ice cream. and they really like the vanilla flavor.

Are they really bad at eating it? And they also rip their clothes. Beautiful, conservative wife and mother. A lot Socialism Jesus Christ I Didn't know this place was like, yeah. Political bro.

What? Oh, it's not in the rules, so the optimal woman would be conservative in the streets. liberal in the shoes. Nobody's siblings in Hentai when parents are gone. Why is it always this? The siblings man I don't think they're even stuck.

Oh yeah, actually yeah, this is incense. It might just be like actual sibling siblings. Oh I Just like the dude always wearing like a plain white shirt. and then the girls.

Just like it's literally because animation is expensive, right? animators don't get paid enough. No one cares about the guy. so they gotta pour everything into the girl's face. You know what? I mean look at the shine on her and her arm on her hair and then the guy gets like nothing.

Yeah dude, he doesn't even get an eye. Yeah, like he has no face. Yeah there's no shine on him at all. Did she make a skit where they like do one of these scenes? but the girl is like perfectly drawn and everything and the guy's just like a stick figure.

They're like punch it right now I'm sorry you there hop? don't worry I just want to know the last Tanta you looked at. You have the right to remain horny. It's not that I watched it technically it's for a thumbnail Atomic Hearts It's not a hentai, that's a game. I mean some of the stuff is straight hentai.

me trying to read wholesome hentai, the banner ads with the real people in them every single time. I Have to see a girl getting game by a bunch of old dudes over and over again. Some like plans are like really graphic. You know stuff you don't want to see.
Kentai is nice and pretty. Everything's drawn nice. It's like nice and shine and glisten. And then the pad you just see like straight up an apple like close up with like a 4k camera.

like straight into the episode. like oh okay, all right, that's it for hentai memes. There's an untensive version on Patreon. There's extra posts and all of Kai's uncensored commentary.

No. Did I say anything problematic? bro. You always say something possible. We hope you enjoyed these memes and don't forget to share the sauce.

All right I Will see you guys next time. Peace, bye thank you so much.

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