Today we got some memes from the Instagram Reals. But first, here's some deer smashing into this person's house. The dog goes crazy. Did you call a cat a dog? That was a cat I think Bel Deline has some stiff competition.

She's wearing her attire and then she goes for for the Yoda Let's go. This is a stunt that nobody should pull off. There's no driver in the car. that's his car.

But don't worry about it. He's okay. This is the world's highest jump without bending your knees. You want to see how that works? Bet you're curious.

Be very, very quiet. You're hunting rabbits. We're hunting cops. tempting he said.

tempting. He didn't bite this time. but maybe next time. Okay, so I had no clue what that thing was in her hands.

Do you know what that is? a V? It's a tampon. dude. did you know tampons came out of those? Yeah, oh that's how it goes in cuz it's soft so how would it like exactly somebody call Harry because Dobby's made it out alive and he's here for. what could that be for your socks you Jor How about you pull out your Instagram sure she.

Why do you keep watching these Chinese memes when you don't even understand what they're saying cuz they're cute Oh my God s me oh oh no oh no oh no, it's G what have you done I don't know. We're never going to see English content again. It's all Chinese now oh my God it's not even Chinese people making these Chinese memes now. So Chinese memes are just cute animals and then like a little kid voicing them.

no, this is Korean Wow, It's what couples do. What the What is she doing? What is he doing? There's a lot of butt stuff when it comes to couples H Wow They did everything that we do. No, which one do we not do the butt stuff when I anger my dog and B that's kind of up dude babe. I'm wet.

You want a paper towel? No I want more than that? You want two paper towels? No I Want around? Damn B You want the whole roll? That's Genie she's always trying to use up the entire role. If you're like five to six sheit wipes. Do you want to piss in my pants? Yes. Don't mess with me because I am short I will bite your knees off we your knees St with your Fe with me oh my God yeah that's true even if you are not ready for the day.

This is one of my favorite songs of Kanye it just it goes so hard. Henry I'm switching animals to that adorableness. Look at this whiny over here. look how beautiful that thing is.

Did you enjoy the whining that we suffer from every single day trying really hard not to switch to my account right now? Come on, keep going. Is this? Chinese this is this is just being A and someone had way too much time on. their hand. Why is this being mean? 2.2 million likes? What the F is your Instagram Fe I Don't know anymore I'm afraid to scroll to the next.

Come on have Fai I'm afraid it'll be better I Don't know how we're going to recover from this. It'll be better. This is the ultimate stress test. I'm going to show you an image of two identical looking Dolphins If you don't see a difference, that means you're not stressed.
Interesting. If you see a big difference, you need to stop what you're doing and take a vacation right now. Okay, let's do it. Oh no I saw such a big difference.

Oh no Henry we need a vacation. Oh he's ready for some more. Oh my God they're just going to keep clicking more God Damn it this is. this is a terrible idea.

Now that's all you're going to hear for the rest of your life. You got so desperate he's like I don't care what B at I'll ring all the bells. just give me some goddamn food. When you study you pass.

and when you pass you get happy. And when you get happy you play. And when you play you get tired. And when you get tired you get sick.

and when you get sick you die. So don't study. Okay yeah I Like this: Yeah, no studying. Wow.

This channel is literally called don't Study Every Day. This person really doesn't like studying. a Is this Is this just repeating Mhm. Why do I feel like I'm just waiting for something to happen.

like I'm waiting for it to like bust out into dance. Help me Henry Please You can't tell if this is real or not. It's not. It's not.

It's like Godd damn can't dance is better than me. This is the most Chinese in the world. What the So is Terrifying. Is this what it's like to be a Chinese boyfriend basically a slave that has to figure everything out I don't want to go to China Genie this Instagram just makes me afraid of Chinese people I'm afraid.

Now that's just mean. yeah, that's just. that's just an thing to say. Being an I Don't get it.

why is it funny man? Chinese n kind of sucks I get how they can't be too funny but all wait they can't be too funny or like xuin Ping like wipes them out or oh Jesus yeah maybe he's like you made me laugh too hard. Oh wait what? it was trash. Well that's awkward. That was pretty funny though.

I think it's because it's not Chinese I Like is this like Harry Potter Music? No, this is the the best Chinese meme we've seen so far. Is this the cutest dimsum in Metro Vancouver I Rolled up to the Grand Neptune at Grand Villa and was just expecting ordinary dim. sorry Kai's not here. No one, no one here cares I thought I was the only one that did this.

It's good to know it's good to know that this is normal behavior. Isn't this what I do to you I'm always the one that like gets on top of you like you never get on top of like I always just like lay vertically like overlap on your body and just like and then sometimes you still find a way to ignore me no hey yo, hey y got some moves Is this master ug if my Shu started doing this I'd be like uh, do I have to learn this Can you swim? No dog is better than you because it can swim. ow can you swim? Yes, Then what's the difference between you and the dog? Oh emotion. That's going to be my comeback the next time someone tells me that I can't swim well how do you go again? Say this to your sister hello Do you really think I don't miss you? How dare you think that? where have you been hiding I need Channy take out.
Who else am I going to laugh with without you around. talking to you is all the therapy I need sometimes after talking to you I need therapy side by side or miles apart I will laugh you with all I think my sister would appreciate this one but I'm not sending ter Oh wow I knew it I was going to be like he's going to be like dead or a slave or something. So when I saw this I was like oh that's like way better than I expected. Now that's more like it.

This is a real product that they're trying to sell. Who's buying this stuff whipped a boyfriends you? What is that salt I think so holy Oh she doesn't even know I well she's an idiot for tasting it like what do you think it tastes like? You literally did it yourself. You made it 99 I'm sorry but this relationship has to end I Can't waste my entire life watching reals that you send me. We are Italians and we are addicted to coffee.

we are Italians No matter how right you think you are, your n knows best we are Italians We like to eat but also we like to be fit. we are Italians never tell us that you like pineapple and pizza like do not do that we are Italians and pasta must be eaten very Al Itan we not dress up extremely fancy, he just our style. oh oh we are Italians and the pap po wow do you think we can find like the Italian side of Instagram no no well I mean he's drawing poooo I like how instant you're like well he's drawing he's I like and that's okay I want to do that I wish I could have done that for every exam. just turn it into poo poo Sony Today revealed a new car that you can drive with a PS5 controller.

yo. This is kind of sick. Oh no W Sbob Mus: yeah, it's kind of what I imagined too. dude.

Also, you know the drift. Like the controller. Drift that happens. Mother: I Wouldn't trust that I've played enough GTA to know that a controller is not a good way to control a car safely in traffic.

Sister: Father: Yeah, that did happen I mean but were you stupid sorry? Did you deserve it? No. Are you sure? Maybe a little bit. Is it after your sister caught you making out with her Britney Spears Poster: Why do you remember that? a failure? Oh my. God 17 hours.

That's actually like a real exercise the first one that they're doing. Does that mean agents have really good ABS cuz they always have to like bow. I $7 game. Will you play more than once? Definitely all the time.

Okay, yeah, oh yeah. I've made too many people spend way too much money on too many games. Y all right? Let's finally check out the superior Inag Grandam real page. Wait, is this the Horny account? I Think this is the Horny account.

It's definitely the all right. Hold on, let's let this play out first. Okay, now what workout stuff are you learning from this workout? Okay, this is. this.
is cute. This is wholesome. Oh how does he pee from that position? He has a p Yeah but I thought they were supposed to like get into the post. it's a rule like dogs can't piss unless they get it like they play the animation pan.

I Got some oil heating up I'm going to drop this egg right down in there. Wow, that's only going to take about 20 seconds. We're going to pick this egg. that's a lot of oil set over here in this season.

Oh he's going to De fry it Again cover it up. he might be on to something. Take spatula, just set it back down in. GRE Let him cook.

Let him cook. When you get it done, just take it out of there. That's a real deep a little bit of the grease off of it. Now all it needs a little bit of zippy app.

Link's on the B page for it. Little bit of hot sauce. accent is so thick Friday wait no no I think that's actually good. You know he's He makes good food when he has a gauntlet of hot sauces.

Oh what an ad for Old Spice wait now I know how to fix my car if it ever makes that sound for this specific issue. My my my, excuse me, do you don't want to Pilot I was like dud the way they do this. Oh snap, how is this training? She's literally elbowing everyone. So in this scenario, what you're supposed to do is like strongest survives was like everybody else.

That's what she's out. You can see this: Nissan traveling eastbound suddenly swerve and hit a light pole. The car now in two pieces, flies between a building and a second light pole. That pole was like a knife.

One of the kids that I went to high school with She She and her boyfriend died by pole. That's dark. So did she survive. No, they died.

Okay, wait why is she like why is she like rectangular down there? No I think there's like Patty that's not real. Wait you can Henry I think it's real I think that's her buff but it's just like yeah I mean I get that she's wide but it's like is that a zombie Yo you got a fing zombie following. What was that? I think he's dead dude I think the zombies got to him. He's one of them now.

Where's this? A poor starving African kid that needs food I don't like it's like kid dad dad. why are you running away from me? Ouch ow that oil was at like 70,000 de wait but that looks delicious. What new door code? You just have to know how to play this song. It's easy, you know this song right and you're dead one more time.

Oh she likes, wait, does she like it or she just doesn't remember. Dude, if you're trying to run away from a serial killer, you're just like I Give up this skiy toilet is making my feel like a grim shake. What did my ears just hear? Got brick to this audio. Not going to lie.

if you got a boner from this. okay, you're not alone, then fair enough. you're not alone. Oh my.
I Could feel his entire body just like vibrating and disintegrating. That ringing is the ringing of his like Soul A lot of people think that the red color and the red juice in a medium or steak is blood and that's not true. It's just juice. I'm here to tell you the scientific term is, you're being A.

He's right. You know next time someone says something like uh, you're just being a then you'd have to say that to your entire family. Is that weird because they can't eat medium rare or even medium? Yeah, they can, they've They've gotten better. You can't the way aw walk I'm going sh my pants time to have you ever ran like that before Genie you seem very familiar with this.

Whoa Whoa. I would like to say her Hat's way too big for her head. her butt's way tooing big for this. Earth Henry Is he recycling? Wait, that's actually good because those things float into ozone layer so just keep it to yourself.

You saving the Earth One far as the time I'm at home baby Holy I Think he wants to die Yep I think people get adrenaline russes from this but don't do this. That's why I tell you don't get a motorcycle. Well yeah, but I'm not going to do that Well, that's what they all say. Whoa I'll put these bad boys in four-wheel drive.

It's not doing he. That's better. The snow will immediately pile on top and it goes. the holes.

Now you got hypothermia. You have to chop off your toes. When do you think you're the coolest guy in the parking lot and then this guy shows up. Oh oh my.

God it's got so much power it turns into one of those like cartoons. You know when the cars like start bending. You know what I'm talking about I don't know and they like stay in place and they Zoom water e Earth uh yeah fire fire fire built people have done this for sure I think we tried that for a video. yeah it was disgusting.

no bueno What? yeah do feel like that. it is weird how suction but it's also weird cuz like sometimes you just want to slam the door right? like but then it goes like he's like go away mom. oh no, don't do this. Not going to end well.

Okay men will see this and be like hell yeah you see Well I'm on YouTube and I'm not allowed to say that the moment I say hell yeah to something like this that can hurt you guys. our channel gets deleted and we get Strik. So every time I see like that I have to be like hell no Hell no. Completely unrelated.

Where can I get fire extinguishers in a shopping cart? Damn you. Imagine deers doing parkour? How crazy that would be I think that's what they do every day. ew ew. there's a that poor fish.

Is it just like so much gel that formed the bowl. That's disgusting. How long was he at the barber for? there's a pool table. dude, that's how long? I don't know.

we still got a hold of it. Wait so they have to see if you can get up from that. It is. what's with all the farts? Wait, Those farts are actually coming from him.
Wait, no way. No, those weren't sound effects. Did you know that if you grate an apple flavor the pulp with lemon zest and cinnamon and then mix in an egg, sugar, flour and baking powder and Fry into small little bowls and Cat them in cinnamon sugar, you'll have made some super easy and delicious apple fritters? That's not easy. Dude, is this still the man side of Instagram No, it's the F side.

I Think they think you're a girl? No. I think like the apple pulp attracts men. For some reason we're like, yes. Apple pulp? Interesting.

Go on. his eyes are like yeah, That you right? That good boy, good boy ouch well he a the skimy toilet is making me so it's making me wet like who is it? who's slushy like the Grim yeah Henry God damn it yo Snoop Dog Posted this: Snoop Dog Come on Snoop Dog that's insensitive. fat shaming, not funny. Uhoh oh oh it's adorable.

Why would you play with that if you can? That's just time I like that cuz like I'm I'm yes well I mean he can't do anything about it I think what would fit thematically with the first one is like and he's passing by citizen he like well you know all of a sudden that ball doesn't seem that fun anymore. oh god oh that going exploded to Simply M okay you know, good point. yeah yeah that's true. You just also throw it at the window he like you know that thing you're Kitty you can has cheeseburger.

they can open their mouths that wide yeah I feel like cats just like eat things really like birds. You know they kind of like take little nibbles whereas dogs are kind of like. Po Stars deep throating. D yeah that's fine, just you know this is a rock and this is water.

If you pour water on a rock, nothing happens. But if you pour water on a rock, nothing happens. But if you pour water on a rock Time After Time After Time Nothing happen. No no, if you keep doing it, can you send this to Kai Why? Cuz it's like send this to a friend and saying nothing so she'll be like okay and then be like I Don't get it.

No. But I genuinely think if you do pour water in a rock and you keep doing it for like millions of years, like The Rock will erode and disappear like erosion like it happens, this is going to be messed up. Oh it's crab. Style No crabs would be if he was like okay, oh oh oh H that's really untable.

That is getting me kind of bricked up right now. It's getting my skib toilet as wet as a grimage shake from McDonald's oh my God Mrs Frizzle what is that? It's an is it it's a pole? Is it okay? this video not even horny or anything. you really cute like she really C no 100% horny did you see when she raised her leg? oh my God never mind I take it all back I didn't see down there. she's trying to get people bricked up Genie She knows what she's doing.

that leg race one purpose. get men breaked up oh my God oh my God oh my God Oh no way I'm getting this. No no no oh my oh my goding God Bro Cow Dude that cow's free though. like are we allowed to do that? Why? it's a cow right? Like it lived though.
This is a great video. It's s Freedom All right we got to send this to Kai Do Kai's going to feel so stupid when she opens this up. she like damn it. Henry's good got me again.

she's not opening your messages anymore. Dude, no, just wait for it. Gu's going crazy with the skid loader. You could do that to a police and leave.

Okay holy. he's got his gun out. but he's not afraid. he's just running.

Holy sh I don't understand. He's like plowing snow and it's like he just breaks. just took one bad snow plow. He like this.

All right. That's it for video memes. I've always wondered that actually works. It's oh what doesn't taste kiss like poverty? Miss.

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