Today we're checking out magic tricks and things that are odly satisfying. Like this guy, he's sping out of control. He's going to lose. he's going to die.

Oh my. God No, it's just a really satisfying drift. You know what's satisfying this girl eating strawberry with whipped cream off her chest. She's actually so generous, she's offering us some too.

Did you know that whipped cream is sourced directly from the milk of human females? This is truly magical. He's bending the laws, physics, and moving up a pole. Took me over a month to create this guitar. All made by hand.

Thousands of sheets of paper glued together. Yeah, that's 100% paper. Genie This is a magical broom that can dance. It's actually causing more dust and cleaning.

so not a very efficient broom. This is how cold it is in Canada oh God I Need some Canadians to confirm? Okay, let's go. this is real. This is actually happening Canada or is the CGI Here's a genuinely impressive magic trick.

Now you would think that he has a string on that paper, right? but then he just moves his hand pushes it downwards all while this dude's doing VR in the back. To say pretty smooth fist bump play at a pace and a Tempo that canch teams off hard and you got no, you have to not look and then be able to do it. Is that what makes it so smooth? Yeah, here's how I got these two forks to balance on a toothpick over a cup I knew if I could somehow attach the forks together I knew I could find the center of MK what are those? What happened to your hand All balanced together. It definitely took some time, but eventually I found the perfect spot I burned the toothpick all the way to the edge of the cup and all that was left was the portion of the toothpick between the cup and the forks.

Too bad. I Don't go to parties anymore. This would have been a really sick party trick. He's got the scurvy.

that's what it is Sunflower Oil extraction and then you just like hydraulic, press them. Wow. there's that much oil in sunflower seeds. Maybe I can make my own oil if you squeeze anything hard enough like the oils and fats come out.

squeeze me, make me lean. Now the Holy Spirit must have got in this. Face it upwards. See all this turn see open that.

I'm out of here. Oh, you are in possession of a mystical relic of the ages. Could be like a residual energy you know of Jesus Zoo has whole so you can hold Otter's paw. Wow! such beautifully glorious repurpose glory holes.

How many dudes do you think tried sticking their dick in there? Too many? It's your people. Oh but they don't look like the same size, but it's going to fit in that one too. What? Why'd you say it's my people? It's Korean Oh how would you know I know what Chinese looks like and I know that's not Chinese when your husband says he will pay someone to do it. but you're a girl who loves to save money.

So you get on YouTube and try to teach yourself. Got to make sure you get the yoga pants on for maximum flexibility when you do this as well. Honestly, it's so much more fun when you do it yourself. it's way more rewarding.
You appreciate it more. Wow! Wow! What's stopping you from doing this to your house and having a really cool bathroom? Laziness. Walking upside down in an underwater cave? so that's the ceiling. It just looks like the floor to me.

What? What? He's in the water? How is he going into water when he's already underwater? This is like SpongeBob You know when they're underwater but they have like the beach putting hard oil on my knife handle. oh oh oh oh. gets rid of all the ashiness that's like putting lotion on your skin. but for swords and the way he like fingers it too so delicately yeah, do you have to do with your finger that honeycomb design.

Oh can you rub my pommel like that? Waters from the mouth of the river that do not mix? Oh yeah, there's a clear division Mhm that's like the taco milk and that's the Gatorade e E. that's the poop particles creation of ceiling art using plaster. It just looks like a vent or a stove on the ceiling. Oh my.

God Henry is so smooth. I Like the the squares. Yeah, that's a pretty nice touch to a ceiling. Real life Anime Protagonist 2 Electric Baloo Is he going to put the nut inside the bottle? Oh my think he fa the C The carage just wasn't fast enough to capture it.

Steam buns fluffing up. That's a steam bun. That's a what they made it look like. seafood.

Oh damn this mother made everything. Holy oh something. Keep going. Keep going.

Probably shouldn't have made why. Frictionless tape dispenser Oh No, you're going to lose it. Wait, isn't that bad. I Thought those were like mean to like, be stable and like stay on the table.

So this is like the most useless tape dispens. No, it's the best prank tape dispenser. With every bounce there is a 25% chance of a new ball, 25% chance that the ball disappears. Hate statistics man.

Oh so like over time it should even out. Is that how the statistics work? Yeah, it should even out cuz it's equal. No. I Think oh well, that's hold on.

No keep watching till the end. Just oh so just eventually you lose everything and this is what casinos wish to happen. The house wins. Do all your money satisfying.

Bo bo Boing boing. Oh it's just like the Christmas movies. Wow. Such festive.

Spirits Masses of fish behave weirdly. Oh my. God they're just inside with a fish. Um I Think that means a tsunami is coming or something terrible.

like yeah, they're running a really bad world event is going to happen. Are they just like oh my God Free food forever. But that can't be good. They're just spawning.

Oh, that's it. It's a fish origy. It's a elaborate coffee routine. Oh my.

God it's just coffee. It's just coffee guys. Every time. I See one of these? Why do you need a space grade military grade microscope to eat your coffee? Our neighbor has like all this too.
spends like thousands of dollars. doesn't even like coffee man I Swear to God can't even tell me what his favorite coffee is. Yeah, I'll just go to Dunkin' Donuts Spend a dollar dear. Oh that's so satisfying.

All that worked for one shot of coffee and then you know how you ruin it, put milk in it. Then what was the point? Day and night divider. Oh actually, what is going on was that song from Alan Wake Day and night? No, why can't the sky just choose what it wants to be cuz it's a girl? Oh, just look at the sky and be like, what do you want? It's not that simple. What do you want? the Final Touch of this painting? But how does he know how much color to add? How does he know to place the yellow right there? Knife painting at its finest? Henry But how does he determine the yellow to white ratio? it's called Art Henry Does he just let feel it? No, you just he sees it.

He envisions it. Holy and it's perfect. It's the right amount of yellow and the right amount of white to be a taxi light. Hold on Why that other tax get? He went blind making a pank yegg.

Oh I Love this. Did you used to make these in like Elementary School what's a pan that I Didn't know it's called a panig but we used to make them around. Um New Year's or sorry uh Easter Okay I take it back. Not like that detail but you mean just like decorating an egg for Easter o That's stunning.

That's really sick. Can you still eat it though? Pick up a can at shopping mall I Think that's a string right? We do need like share and follow. See you in the next video. Well thanks for your little outro dude! I Will see you in the next video.

Jang Gon loopa can watch spray foam all day. Why does that look so trippy? Ew. is he going to eat it? No. Henry that's that's.

like a loaf of bread. Is that satisfying to you? Yeah, you know what's funny though. Like the only thing that this makes me think about right is like in GTFO when you're trying to seal the door so the zombies don't get in. we just like oh the foam spray.

yeah the foam sprayer so they don't get in trippy animated vinyl. Where is are those turds that are? Get sunglasses and then going into the skid toilet. What The toilet? What the? Finally understand this meme now. I I Get it Gift wrapping in a Japanese rice cracker shop? wa that was a complicated little fault, but you know what they say them.

Japanese And Origami. That's true. They did invent Origami No. I've seen this actually.

if you go to those big malls and then you order like the cookies and you're like can to go they do their it's really cool. Do adults still do like origami? Remember what? Like back in grade school you'd have like just Origami days. Yeah, the teacher was like I didn't have a curriculum there. Here's paper: kids.

have fun. knock yourselves out, turn a handkerchief into a rabbit. This is the most obnoxious. Chinese commentation Oh mying.
God He's literally rambling about like nothing. What is he saying? He's like When I was a kid we didn't have cell phones. we had to play and go outside. Real bunny.

but can somebody make the Chinese man? shut the hell up. That's that's racist dude. Instantly regretted turning the sound when minions learn. Chinese 3D printing a swirling tree.

Nice. 207% done. Oh yeah, let's snap it off. What is this sound? It's his sound effect he's adding.

it's cute wa oh what a fit huh? Oh yeah. oh Santa you're have a job dude. Oh, you don't have to keep inserting it inside of it itself. Okay, just make it.

go. go through it getting strong bad Dragon Vibes Anything's the the the best pause. Music in gaming. What game is this from concert? Wait No.

Oh Golden Ey James Bond Let's freaking Go I Agree I've never play Golden KN Yep, that's why you didn't have a childhood magazine. Speed Loader Oh, that's pretty cool. Can you imagine someone bringing this onto the battlefield? One C Bomb. All right.

see him shove it in. Oh that thing gets like updates and patches and stuff. Oh making of metallic mesh? Is that what you imagine metallic mesh to sound like? Oh you're right. Oh that makes like fences w them chickens staying in the C tonight boys.

Damn the way this artist uses shadows in his drawings. Oh it completes the drawing for him. What? That's so funny? Oh my. God it even adds the colors too.

Yeah, Do you think people make these to like blow their friends mines? Yeah. Is that a piece of Bre? Yeah. Napoleon Sombre. That's fitting.

Yeah. Must be mind-blowing when he shows this to you in real life. Dancer can roboticize at an extreme level. Damn what? Body control? It's too smooth.

Yeah, it looks like an animation looks like, uh, that was made in the editing room. Yeah, like stop motion? Yeah. Efficiently clearing snow from bridge cables from scaling the Alex Fraser Bridge they're keeping snow from piling up on the Bridge Drive says Northbound delays at the South End of the bridge. What's wrong snow there.

After a car accident there this morning, they didn't take into account that snow would accumulate on there when they were building the bridge. Shame on those. Engineers Eh, if they don't do this, they turn into ice balls and fall on cars. Oh that's why.

Okay making a woodworking tool cabinet. Yeah, that's like a real cozy. It's like a Pinocchio's house. Do you mean Japeto? Jepetto? Yes, sorry you played.

um that Pinocchio game lies of PE lies of PE Yes yeah, this is what I imagine more at Santa's house cuz he Santa's house. it's very cozy I would like this fortunately I just have a peg board from all those tools. What is that? Every man's dream. That's what it is.

but we just got to home of the pot. get P Board Perfect tuna bread. Can we stop making other things into like other things? This is like the stupid that Kai would make for like no reason? oh my. God that's so disturbing.
Why would you make this? You feel proud of yourself? Yeah I'm I'm very impressed by the amount of skill. I guess it's pretty cool. Oh I Love cookie decoration process. Okay, just watch a little bit.

That's one of the skinniest lines of frosting, right? But then you fill it and it's like oh a n Skip to the end. Oh my God that's such a detailed pattern. Oh my. God This is just food.

You're going to eat it and it out in like 5. Seconds All right, that's it for black magic Wow One go heha Yes, you got me feel like a cowgirl. let ready it? Yes Yes Yes Yes yes. Got me feel like feeling like a cow.

So we're going to put the camera on the floor. Okay, let's do it ready. I'm in a skirt I'm actually.

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