Hello Everyone! Kai Is here again Anyways, today we're doing our dying inside. Why are we looking at helps? The first person to die inside is Me This Woman's husband and then it's a woman riding a low on a window. Well he's actually doing his job really well. I mean he has to right? He doesn't even look the shot.

He's like peace. Thanks for the view. He's got several great views here, the city skyline and her gaping wait. But I have a question, how do you know there's a Tito in there? Oh cause I've watched the rest of the video.

Wow oh my. God Okay relax kid honey. Oh I don't know what to do Henry Oh it's Genjin Impact's theme. It's like a theme Cafe Oh I Thought the ending was gonna be she's a futanari wait.

So you're telling me that if I show up between 4 30 and 9 30 so the anime waifu girl is gonna assault me. Yep, these are lies. Don't give me hope like this. No, just make sure to go.

Henry I Think it's your time to buy the plane tickets now. April 2nd if this is an Antarctica I'll go if this is in hell. I'll still go. This is a Brazilian game show where someone controls your arms I believe yeah she's sitting on some dude.

She got some toothpaste. dude. oh why did she start like totally back and forth so she could reach her back molars? Oh he's thinking it's kind of deep. oh my God she's like gagging.

It's like all foamy and stuff. I Admire! Brazilian TV Host their ideas. They're the second greatest country when it comes to television shows behind. Japan Thank you Japan thank you and thank you Brazil as well.

but try and reach Japan's level you are so honestly, you're gonna. you know what? next time Oh no. Mommy and Daddy are fighting at the dinner table again. Oh oh my.

God that's elapsing right now. He's so oh God that's the most painful 15 seconds of my life. Wait. I Actually forgot.

How are you supposed to? Let's do this? Okay, okay, all right, put the time. Ready Set Go wait wait listen to me this way. Yeah, wait, oh, it's because we're You have to be this girl then and I'm on the left. matter.

The idea is that we're crossing a cross right? Let's do what they did. I'm just gonna do it by myself. I'm gonna go left and you go right there. See, it doesn't work.

So that's why they had to do this exactly. My left doesn't come into this or that this would be the only way for for it to have worked out. Kylie Jenner Doesn't look too happy after finding out Irina is Sheikh wore the same line headdress as her at the Paris Fashion Week no. Is that a real lion's head? No.

Wait, it looks so real. What inches Dude, do you see that slow head knot like I'm gonna murder this yo. It's gonna stab her after this. What's that lady on the next next to? Kylie Satan Kid stump Speaker: Honestly, you have Revelations Advice: You can't know anything you can't even.

Yeah, you can't yeah I'm sorry Max Thanks for trying to get up. Oh my God he actually 404 because he had no idea how to interpret this. He just said like three different things at the same time. None of it even connects or does it I don't even know what he's trying to say I can't tell.
Really smart I'm just particularly stupid I feel like that's an issue when I keep saying that out loud Guy questions his life decisions after glancing the future. What is that thing? The future is no, your job's Already Taken Like 10 years ago. man, you see this and you're like, well then what's the point of me? Why do I exist here? What am I even doing so? The higher-ups have someone to yell at to get their ego boost. My son fell for an older girl, consistently handed her toys until she started taking them.

Just like that, she abandoned him. Oh betrayed. It's like I give you everything friendship I gave you my soul I give you well I wanted to give you my PP but but it can't shoot you wait I can't I can't He's too right. You shoot blanks.

Can I even get hard at that age Henry Anything's possible if you're horny enough. It was hard since I came out. How did your mother react to that egg? She said well I'm proud of you son. Mr Sewell Do you believe you've dodged a bullet in there I Know that's your title that you've already practiced writing up so it doesn't take any practice.

but it looks like it takes a bit of practice to punch someone in the head several times. Yeah, that's a bit cheeky. Oh his face. He thought low and hard about that.

Do you think the reporter had like that line prepared. He was so smooth and like clapping back if you beat the out of someone. I guess it's pretty easy to just use that against you. He assaulted a security guard.

You should have been like here. Let me show you all the practice I've been doing on you. No. Okay, the challenge real quick.

Nothing like starting off the week with her 40 key ring breaking and scattering across the parking garage. Hey, you still have a couple keys left in your ring. at least. Okay, all right time to get on your knees.

Why do you have 40? Keys It could be like a janitor or something of where of a school in that outfit. Yeah, you've never seen like a hot janitor before. No scene oh damn dance I Just realized like no female janitor's appeared I think he's a film. Oh yes, janitor for sure 100 she could wash my floorboards, no handshake incident in chess.

oh my oh okay wait no okay. it's the same time ago. apparently the other guy had insulted him in interview. so he bounced and never shake his hand again.

But then the rules prescribe an immediate forfeit to him shake and it's just one more. But all I can think of is like what a little man just play the game God I Told her I had a belly ache and needed to fart and to hold my hand for support. It's like Father she's like Dad the smell please that was like a saw like six second fart. I'm gonna do this to Genie next time oh my God I Just support Trini Come close to me okay but yours sounds very wet that has boob juice in it.
Yes it does is. it's only been like a couple years since you're yeah like you were drinking. you were sucking that down too. Yeah dude, there are thousands of men who would love to be in your position.

You should take this as a blessing. Plenty of men there would be like, you know what kid? Pass that over to me I'll take that for you. His dad should have come and be like get it here and the wife's like what though this is a mistake you don't understand. you're drinking the nectar of the Gods It's been years since I've had this taste.

Oh my god oh what is this channel? Why are you still here? Why do you listen to this stuff? Spilled laundry detergent at work proceeded to die inside. Oh he's not getting paid enough to deal with a and afterwards though. Why is it so white? I got the detergent was like blue, huh? not all. I See, you haven't done laundry quite some time.

Yeah ever. That's why I'm like and there's Samba or green. this kind of stuff. You can snort it once and then what happens.

You'll have to find out and then you die. You'll have to find out. What do you get? The biggest high in your life? Just kidding. YouTube This is just a joke.

Don't do this. Don't snort your laundry detergent. Eat the Tide Pods Instead eat the Tide Pods instead. That's also a joke.

YouTube God Damn it when you didn't realize mom was in the room and would catch you red-handed Oh that's not a cat. Oh it looks like he's having so much fun. Oh my God yo what is his mouth? He's really chomping down. Oh my God he's still so slow.

this is trying to figure out what to do now. he's like I'm so he's practicing with Drax taught him. Oh if I stand really still I'm invisible. this is my issue.

Like even when the dog's doing something bad, but like I see it and I think it's adorable I would just go up to the dog and be like oh that's adorable and then that's why my dog is a piece of Turkish president's wife mistaking a little person for it. Oh oh god oh lady. you can see the beard though. Oh that's awk Oh her face.

She's like I'm going to hell. Honestly, you should have known by the receding hairline. Yeah yeah, mad early these days. fresh from the wolf.

Yeah, little babies already having receding hairlines. It's tough out there for men. Waiter dies inside after dropping food on a prominent scientist at the Nobel banquet. Do you want to hold my hands? Oh wow, yeah.

if anything, I still laugh that off. That's just funny. Damn these uh, these snowball Banquets are real fancy huh? They got a server like next to every single person sitting down. What is it my turn to win a Nobel Peace Prize yes sir, do something you I could really know about peace prize and booby clickbait thumbnails that doesn't help Society You gotta do something that helps the world.
Well actually that could help the world. Could make some people's days when they see the wonderful sight. Some people see the world in these thumbnails. Genie Wow To eat? Yeah, that's weird.

and then it amazes people eating. Yeah, it closes her out. It's more oysters for me I'll take them I'll eat them all. Oh yeah, there is no middle ground.

You either love or you like are disgusted. Everyone loves oysters. They just have to like. Grow up, deal with the Slime That's kind of.

Rudy Some people are allergic. then they need a girl How Does it go? They're only like two people in this world. like people who like oysters and people who need a grow up. That's so mean man.

I Told her no more chocolate caught red-handed oh my. God Is this baby kind foreign? At least if she's gonna get caught, she can eat all the chocolates first. I'm gonna consume as much as I can before he can get me before he can break down the door, consume, inhale. Don't sleep the chocolate.

Supply Feeling that's still me now that's kind of the age of 28. yeah, are you 27? How old are you? I'm your age 28. Oh oh oh oh, she deserves that. Why would she do that man? So anyway I guess you're buying that now, huh? Oh, did she get the warranty on it I don't think the warranty cover is uh, stupid stupid like that.

If anything, the cashier guy behind her is probably just like oh yeah I'm making another sale today. You know he's like, you know man actually um I think I can repair that for you, but that's gonna be an extra two hundred dollars. Oh huh no I thought you were gonna be like hey ma'am I can repair that for you but you're gonna have to offer me two of some other things like okay, damn, that was good. Oh, foreign, just silence.

but I'll be honest, it's not her fault. did he set this up? Yeah, so that's on you Dad But yeah, that's that's a solid swing. When I have a daughter one day I'll teach her how to swing a baseball bat. What about your son? No, he'll be practicing his only fans.

but okay, when you get startled so bad you actually reboot. oh oh my. God she's just like this I'm out. That's not funny when you see your daughter do the twerk girl I Got some words for you I didn't raise no goddamn horror I Don't have a daughter no more.

Is this like the dance fault that has happened? Or is this like inevitability? That, like you know, your daughter at some point is gonna bend over and shake that fat trunk of hers like can you stop it as a father should I just prepare myself to see her shake those fat buns in front of me or like, no, then what are you gonna be like? All right, come on girl, turn it over here I Gotta get a better angle for your only fans. Cat checks the stability of the table. No, no for the owner, it's good. Wait, no it's not good I Don't think this one's working out.

You're welcome Master What else we can't even try because you love that the cat didn't run away. He's just like, oh well, he's like, well, that's a damn shame isn't it? He's just like if I'm just gonna keep staring. Straightforward airstrike lands behind French Reporter in Ukraine Uh oh um. so how do you continue the broadcast after that? Do they even have a camera to cut back to? Or did you end the dude's face? yo? How would she have no reaction? Okay, that guy at least got something.
He's what I would react. She's just like, okay, cool, she's like this is boring as can we get something more entertaining here. John Lennon Takes Out Drugs remembers they're being filmed. Um, why does he look so Chibi? You look so cute.

They're musicians. you know they need a little bit of extra help to get those songs out. How do you think they're so creative all the time with power of mushrooms? First pipe flooded my house while I was on vacation. Oh wow, look at the new design.

It does look kind of nice though. Wow did somebody throws in and find my house? You have you had Elsa's castle. Now they are the problem. It'll be fine.

time to go to Hawaii and then she comes back and her house is just an ice cube. Oh can they redo that? Yeah, she can just take a few steps back in. yeah, what does this guy think he is At least for the ceremony, you can just laugh at him, be like aha remember that one time that stupid walked in front but like DJ's New Year's resolution stayed trying what the F and the musics dead. Congratulations you all him.

Thousands of dollars? damn how stupid must you feel Dude if I did that you just I would have flashbacks about that like every night for like the next year. All right, that's it for dying inside. Aren't you just dying inside right now to subscribe to the channel? I know there's just some burning rage passion in you right now. I'm dying inside watching that action to strangle somebody? No no no Oh okay.

we'll see you next time. Peace.

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