Hello everyone, Yellows our editor Ty's back. She's once again here to deliver excellent commentary while we do our hold up. Hold up someone commentary Yeah, that's what we're gonna say. Jessica Nigri Shows up for creation process everyone.

it's me. Jessica And welcome back to another crafting process. today. Right now had a moving Scroll of particulars the knowledge of fabrication and craft.

Fear not enjoy them. Yes, that's what I'm here for expecting exertions. Okay, oh oh, this is how you become Ronnie Cosplay I think I understand now. Wait I thought it was gonna immediately cut to fabric.

Not this time. The cosplay is I. Don't think any of us can cosplay us right? man. Ronnie is flat chested.

not in the R34 she's nine. very fussy in the nose. hey wow. this makes me want to drink a good old cold PVR wait no and then dribble it over my penis.

She just needed more. Yeah, Cat: oh he's a kid. What did you just say that? Cat can now officially voice actor Hentai? What is this? You got something hanging there? What the heck? Oh my gosh, oh it's so slimy. Ooh is this marinade? Oh that's disgusting coming to salad tonight.

Is it like acidic? or is it basic cucumber? vegetable basic right? or juices? There you go. She didn't have any lemons for the the marinade. I Bet someone in this world is like trying to like marinate something with vegan juices. Yeah, look it up.

Boring. Nobody is searching this up. Veggie: Oh this is why I'm saying I flipped the stuff up in Incognito So people can't really think of me as stupid. Someone blows air on your eyes.

your eyes won't react, but if you're awake, they will flutter a bit. That's how I check if someone is really sleeping. launch it from my scout leader who's now in prison. one here.

Blonder? nice. Yeah, okay, they do. now. Go to sleep.

Okay, okay, one sec and cozy. No no. I have a faster way I need to sleep when you sleep. Okay.

go for it. Okay now I Just feel so stupid Oh My God. Oh I'm gonna do this on my kids when they try and pretend like they're sleeping past their bedtime. Henry What is wrong? Okay, just let them sleep.

It'd be kind of funny though. Like gotcha I was like what? Now that is just like I don't know I don't know. Go back to sleep. You mean go to sleep.

He never went finding out my baby's gender today. kind of nervous. It's uh, it's aborted. Yeah, that's kind of like late in the game too, right? You see her stomach.

She's flat as man. I Don't think it's been that long. You can find out your gender like right from the start. No, she's not.

It doesn't matter. She didn't find out the gender because she just aborted it, but she said she's gonna find it out today. Oh Henry you're so slow today. Yeah.

I don't know how to explain that. like what do you mean? she's gonna abort it. This is a stupid meme. like just look at her stomach.

It's not even close to checking out the gender. That's what a priest who temporarily died reveals. He went to hell and they were playing Rihanna's umbrella as torture Satan says snitch. Real question is why is a priest ending up in Hell Well, technically, wouldn't a lot of priests end up in hell if we're going with a really negative stereotype of a priest? Okay, I know what you're gonna say? The priest diddled some little poor teenager's balls and that's why he's in hell.

You're just jealous I stole your line no I I Go for more creative jokes than that. Okay, what have you got what have you got then? Can't wait to hear that joke is Rihanna am I right and her terrible music. Number one: YouTube My deputies smiling in his mugshot claims bruh he getting choked in the pickle mouth I mean the claim is why he was being choked. They could say oh we're choking him because he was being like did oh he requested oh okay oh one last good time before he goes to jail.

My husband before he got hit by a car see a face filter I haven't done it yet Like and follow for part two Oh alrighty I'm following this is genie before I propose to her like in follow where's the Party Part two this is an interesting and I I would be interested in time I'm interested but I'm interested in the backstory. What the happened that she was gonna hit him with the car man is ordered to carry out 75 hours of unpaid work after he deliberately farted at police during a strip search and asked them, how do you like that hey come on, he has a sense of humor man I think I'd laugh even if I was police. you can punish your guy for farting. Is that against the law I mean it depends.

Did he have Taco Bell and did something else come out along with the farter one again biological occurrence uh Taco Bell farts will Lethal Weapon sometimes Genie oh yeah, for real yeah, it's classified first degree offense 160 and change Tyler Asked people outside the store if they had a little change they could help with for gas and yep LeBron James paid for us twenty dollars in gas. Holy sh, we met LeBron James on accident La Mao Holy crap, look at that jawline of the gun. is that photoshop? Wait, but this guy's an actual NBA player though. if you're not wrong, you're wrong.

You're racist. he's Kendrick Perkins oh wow Oh my god Dude. come on guys. come on he's Kendrick Perkins come on guys, that's Kendra Okay thank you.

Wow. okay okay, like not to be mean but he was like the worst NBA player I've ever seen my entire life like why he was there. My son has brown eyes. my husband and I both have blue eyes.

genetically. it's impossible that luckily who looks like him because he's actually his nephew. What? which means she his brother. This is fake.

This person says my parents both have blue eyes. all five of my siblings have blue eyes. my grandparents have blue eyes and I have brown you or adopted? Wait no no he's he's tracked. He took the DNA test so it's not recessive.

I Got some bad news my friend but he took the DNA test so the Punnett squared isn't isn't completely sure if it's not true. Why the do we have to learn it. Breaking News: Seven shot in Florida Nightclubs Monster! We found seven new jobs I mean interesting. Hey I appreciate that.

Wait a second. That monster already put out the drops before Fox News even put out the article. Dude that app is on point though. Oh I thought it's more if they plan that and then they went and shot him.

Woman explains why the flight is the worst investian ever mean worst human invention ever made I Don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but it wait why is that the worst invention ever made? Yeah man, you just want to ruins their perceptions about like I think it might be the worst invention ever made. Do you? do you not believe in like women using stuff? yeah they can. What? oh my God Okay see, this is what I mean her opinion is actually worthless. Women can do no wrong if they play with those.

It's just a little exploring their sexuality, having a little light fun. If they decide to use the Thrustmaster 9000, it's perfectly fine. The second A guy uses his hand. oh the edge of the phone is razor sharp and you're telling me that's normal.

Why would you like an apple? Oh yes. I'm done browsing. Let's start cutting. Just ignore the blood stains on there.

Can't wait to gamble today. Literally shaking. That's called dedication that's called an addiction buddy I've been gambling every day for 20 plus years. It's all I think about and I still haven't gotten addicted.

So now that's happening. Oh no, the man has gone too deep. Yeah. I'm not addicted to cocaine I'm just dedicated to cocaine.

and I give my paycheck to cocaine. Yeah, and it's all I think about. That's all I do even though my baby is crying in the back short hair Cami Resensoring armpits now I'm guessing because there's weird people on Twitter Yeah, Me? uncensored then? okay. Honestly, armpit sensory is not even like that bad.

So there's armpit. Kink Yeah, at this point is there like a part of the body that's not a king? No thank you. Is there a shin? King Yes. Someone forgot the dog.

Water with people? Oh they're doggies like that. Wait wait oh dude. how dude bark bruh see something? bruh? How do you not oh my God He finally realized oh he's just like someone open the door. How do we get it? This is catch him.

Can you like untangle him? Oh here we go. Oh thank God it's not even that much higher up. How did he not see him because he's looking down at the phones? Probably just because he's a short King you know you would really? No, he's not because he reached the top of the elevator. No, but his head like reaches the sign.

he's a fellow short King Like it is what it is. Sometimes things are just a little too out of our range. Fun Australian Fact: This kangaroo is waiting for pursuers to come into the water with him where he will try to drown them. They're extremely good at it.

Never ever go into water if you can't Groove everything has lots of innovative ways to kill you here. Send this to you. So creepy I Think it might be real? No, no, how are they going to around you They take their arms, they take your head, they drown you. but can we actually Google this I'm genuinely kind of curious.

They can the drown pursuers so when are we going to? Australia Okay, we can all go together and then when we see the canker we tell Henry to go jump in. Yeah I can't swim I know so it's easy win for the kangaroo and for us too. This is Not Natakin sitting next to me on this flight. She's asleep and snoring.

Her eyes are open. Now from the Joji music video, it's like these plastic surgery people. It's one of them I Love his facial reaction. disapproval if she can't even close her eyes completely.

Who's the other guy? Simon Cowell He went from this to this: why no one knows, No No one knows Man it took me a minute to get this but when I did I knew I Brick I oh sorry I screw a nil I screw I Brick I is that a bolt I mean that's how is that a brick. Are you doing what is here? You go for it girl I screw I nut I Bull I screw I not I bolt US Army Doctor returns arm to Vietnamese Soldier 50 years after he took it as souvenir. What? Okay, so remove that Army lost I think it's a nice gesture. Maybe why would the doctor have the arm Kai That's you? Wow.

you're so clever. Oh my God. Oh that's that's pretty cool because that means like they moved on. Why'd he also save it? It's like everyone else got like PTSD from numb.

Meanwhile this guy seems like he enjoyed it. He's like wow, that was so much fun I Want to take a souvenir Home Police Have discovered some of the kite strings relates with glass. Six people die after having their throat slipped by tight strings at Kite Festival Holy sh Why? I Can't think of a good reason for this besides people just straight want to commit murder? Yeah? I Feel like this guy would be like an Akatsuki member or something, but with a kite, Inflation is tearing my family apart. A lot of stuff.

A lot of stuff. Mangoes: 546 Dollars 459 Mangoes. Dude, if they're a dollar 19 each, wouldn't you? you have an addiction to mangoes? No, no, it's dedication to mangoes. Dedication: Can I know what the Secret deodorant is I want to use some of that Secret deodorant.

It's Belle Delphine's farts. I Thought it was like vaginal fluid. You know, how do both work one's gas? One's liquid deodorant is solid. You solidify it.

You gather enough of it. Isn't that? basically hurtful. I Don't want to stay on this topic anymore. It's basically what I'm gonna say I I will say liquid to solve it is her vaginal fluids.

Oh I know we're talking about farts though. Clueless couples struggle to get pregnant for four years or told my doctor the wife is still a virgin because they're having anal sex. Should they even have kids? Maybe the guy's just like, really into that. He like, somehow brainwashed his wife into thinking like, yeah, that's that's the way to do it, honey, Like that's the real what if it's just that the guy actually just genuinely doesn't want kids.

What if they're just like in the dark and then it's like is this the right hole that she's like yeah, that's about it for four years? Yeah, maybe she doesn't know I mean you smell something at some point either. You just think it's a smelly process. Maybe he likes to smell So the time. No kids.

This man's a genius. That's what I'm saying I hate that. September October November and December aren't the 7th, 8th, and 9th, and 10th months where the this up should be stamp. It's good news.

he did get stuff who did make this up Caesar did not do this. it was before that one. the Romans changed the first month from March to January long before Augustus was even born. Oh poor Caesar he's just like I didn't do Bro Learning months was like one of the hardest things as a kid.

like I don't think I actually like got the order of months until I was like 15. oh like consistently like I was for sure for sure if you told me like four I wasn't sure which month it was. what is it? it's April you seems I know now. I've been around the years for a while now.

What? checking? Excuse me? My dad showed me a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation on why anyone should always wear a condom during sex. On the slides are just pictures of me. You've got a great dad. Yeah, he's got a great sense of humor.

Dude, what the is that? Let's check out this goat dog Pig hybrid Chupacabra Looking animal thing for way too long before I realized it. It's a Chupacabra dude. All right. Can we look for the end? No No.

I Oh, it's a dog that's like flipping over. Come on. Hi nose right here. Chupacabra for Kai forever.

Is it a Chihuahua Sure. that's why it looks weird. Okay Oh Rip Wow. Happy and rough day.

Just remember that an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's about to send you forward to kill someone. Yep, sounds good to me. That's a nice analogy.

It just shows how powerful you are. So this is: jeans for 990 dollars? Hey, how does 800 sound I can do 865. offer sent 865 I'm going to be transparent with you I have early onset Dimension and I generally don't remember making that offer I Think these jeans are ugly and I'm not willing to pay for them. Have a good life God knows I won't dementia saved and he almost paid 8.65 for a pair of jeans? Yeah I know about those those jeans.

You know those Are they trying to be quirky because they named Capital with a K So meaning Crusaders with it capital is such a such a original name? oh my. God oh my God Just like Crusade I knew we were falling in the foot special Greatness: This guy made a spider cop. Cosplayer rules, part man, part spider all a cop hot spider cops spider cop sees black guy in pop pop. Okay okay, not hot, not hot, not hot.

Oh my gosh, are you all right? Yeah I think so. How's your head I Haven't had any complaints yet. Excuse me? Oh uh I think I'll live. What a pure young boy dude.

Wait, it took me way too long. Oh okay. how to out of what kind? How to have good luck? How to how to make a buck? How to drive a truck? How to how to duck suck. Ah, you said? uh, you said I was stupid today.

All right, that is it for our holdup. Hello! Why don't you tell them why they should like this video? Yeah honestly I can't give you guys a good reason. Okay I agree. Cool.

Thanks a lot. No need to like the video today. Yeah, don't worry about it. All right.

Thank you so much for watching. We'll see you guys next time. Peace.

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