Genie Today we're looking at some people fing dying I need to tell you of an amazing game it's called Omni Heroes a heroic fantasy casual strategy RPG that has received recommendations from both the Google Play and App Store. As Omni Guardians players are called upon to rescue the Valkyries from demons and fight together against evil threatening the world. Players can some forth Legendary Heroes unlock multiple synergies and match hundreds of Team comps at will. It's very Arcanes is not.

Oh, plus the mommy milkers. And when you're tired, treat yourself to rest and let the automated mechanics take over. Sit back, relax and enjoy the visuals. You know what kind of visuals I'm talking about.

and Omni Heroes is geting up for an exciting season 1 on January 12th. Captivating new story line Rog Likee dungeon gameplay and Gvg mode. His new characters Elmer the tank ala the warrior Gloria the other Warrior and Sandra Sandra another tank. So download Omni Heroes Now claim 777 * Three free polls and be part of the exciting season 1.

Here's a man dying baby in the ring. Okay, so why couldn't he keep his head straight? Here's a Walmart employee getting brutally stabbed to death in the store. Oh my. God She looks like she's in so much pain.

Henry Absolutely horrific. Henry What? Henry What? This woman dying? Wow. it's It's almost as if it like stabilizes her to the chair and makes it even more comfortable. Incredible.

Here's a woman ending her life right in front of her boyfriend. I Appreciate the commitment to ending her life. She went steadfast into that wall. Here's an alligator dying to the holiest of weapons.

the P pin Florida Man man that hurt. here's a mom AB boarding her child goodbye. but then the child's like oh I'm still alive. Mom's like a Henry this BB decides it's this dog's last day on Earth The dog.

Regretti dude. I'm surprised as a husky that dog didn't Immed be like this otter decides that he will kill himself today. But first this woman Must Die I don't want to live on this planet anymore. This woman decides that Fitness is not for her Me: I can do it myself.

She can totally do it herself. She cannot and she dies. Oh now she dies Okay I can see that happy cat. Why does his mouth look so like bulgy Bulgy mouth bulgy WL give me such like a you know when you're swinging your leg you're like I know man.

his mouth just freaks me out a little bit. Why? It's very Uncanny Valley. If you had to have with a combined age of 30 which two ages would you pick I'm not answering this question I mean wouldn't the best be like divided in half? cuz if you want to go for one legal then you you have to go for like a 12-year-old 29. You want to do that Oney Old no no.

or you do like 30 and then like an egg. Yeah and then so you're an egg. which is fine. Yeah that's not illegal.

Yeah, he doesn't have have an arm. Oh oh no oh god oh that's why animals are NPCs like it's programmed within them to do these things even if they're like wait, that makes no sense but oh no, my programming. every villain this group looks like this dumb smart sexy Gremlin what movie is this Madas car? Yes, that's incorrect too cuz it's dumb smart. So which one of these is sexy sexy.
The tall one is the one that deep thred the toothbrush so he's sexy. Mhm. My dog made a new friend. It's Bambi wow that bamb is going to die one day she's going to see a wolf be like oh my god do you want to play and the wolf's going to be like yes, Do all boys M I hope my crush Ms To me number one.

yeah, probably number two. What the F oh my God yay even more what the it is like kind of a huge honor for someone to to you really. I'm pretty sure a lot of people have masturbated to you girls, right? We're talking about girls and boys. Does that Does that boost your honor more? Yeah.

Reporting a story. Had an animal shelter. A journalist was grabbed by this dog and refused to let go. The journalist ended up adopting him.

Yeah, if any animal just did this to any human, they would be immediately adopted. Yeah! I They need To pick up these tactics. Man, what if he was just like really horny but also really tired so he couldn't like quite make the Conta we told you we are not adding in. Oh, delete some code.

Honestly, why not? sorry I Mean in Context of this game, it would fit very well because it is a cult and you're trying to generate a cult. Bring back that code. Mama says this is my child now. like the hell, that's my I Guess it's your kid now.

Whatever. Man, she's your problem. People easily disgusted by smells more prone to xenophobia. Study suggests study using fictional Refugee group finds xenophobic Prejudice strongest in English-speaking countries.

If you're sensitive to things that smell like, you probably don't like immigrants, what did they mean by that? You could argue like people easily disgusted by different sites are more prone to xenophobia like you know, just cuz they look different. Isn't it? More like the Richer and high class you are. The more you're like disgusted by the smell of garbage because you live in your really nice neighborhood and thereby you also probably don't like immigrants. Editor: Can you just like blur out my face? So if this clip ever goes around like I'm not associated at all with this I Sniff.

The girls act in school. There's this girl in my school that I like and she was a straight bad today. She was walking through the hallway and everyone was staring while she was passing I decided to sniff her about her noticing as a joke. Everyone laughed and my friend pointed out she had a phone in her back pocket and she might have been recording now.

I'm worried she filmed me sniffing her ass. This is the reason why Humanity has not achieved World Peace Monkeys like this who can't control their impulses I'm what yo I I don't think that's what he was referring to. child. my spy before and after spinal fusion.
They you up real bad like doctor I need help with my spine I got you. Oh my God. Best footwers in the world Oh my. God Henry Wow there's twinsies.

Why are they so chunky? They're both equally fat. If I had this I'd never wake up or get up. My feet is out of commission. It's like they consume the same amount of food every single day and then when they purr it's extra.

your like vibration and you're like o I massage cursed fetish. go Gaga I'm a horny toddler that man is going to send us to Mars As someone who's into diaper stuff, we do not claim him. I'm not deleting this no matter how many times I get ratioed I'd rather die a fool than live as a coward I Wish people are into like socks. Stuff you know, like cute, fuzzy, comfy socks.

Like why diapers because socks don't contain in them and bodily fluids And I assume that's the part that they enjoy. This is precious. This little girl learned how to sign good morning and have a good day from her deaf delivery driver. Wow, she must really like this delivery driver.

Yeah I mean I think it shows the compassion and love that one person can show another. That's very sweet. Hopefully he's not railing her mom dog P is the best boy if you don't put that comma after dog I said what? I said no no, no dog is the best. Not a creature was stirring all through the house except for this mouse living in a Christmas tree apparently.

Hello hello oh my God that's not good. Why you have to kill him now? No, you got to put some cheese on a trap and smashes bones into pieces using a metal bar. dot dot dot oh dot dot dot oh my. God Why is the Vaporeon white? Why is the Vaporeon white? Oh my God wait who's that you don't remember from Pokemon Sword Is that the main character? Yeah, you going to f the main? Chara Just wanted to take a nice mid-run photo with my dog and you look so cute.

Oh he looks so handsome. Oh but he's a beautiful German I Don't think he likes this I think he likes it. He's not having a good time. Oh he likes it.

he's just being silly. We just put up new Xus lights and this is Frank processing this. at least he's processing like feel like we put up Xus lights and I was just like so. anyways can we please fetch now? doesn't like see them or acknowledge them like your house looks fesive as right now and I don't know if I any appreciates our animals, don't appreciate the work we put into making everything Christmasy getting them the Christmas outfits, the Christmas toys.

they don't care animals. Who's the US you Genie you're the animal. No stupid questions I Personally prefer my boyfriend to have a pair of bigger balls rather than a huge pis. Is this normal? Please stop sending me DM of your big balls.

What does a girl do with a pair of Big Balls Besides having them dragged across her face, the two best friends that anyone could have a cat and a dog. Why are you guys so cute? oh why are you? So it's illegal, It's a good question. Why are they so cute? Why did God make them like this? Dinner is served bone Apple Teeth mug shot. Please stop using your dad's mug shot as a reaction pick.
Oh I mean mug shots are pretty cool. You know, like it's certainly a special picture. not everyone gets one. classic huskys a what we have to get a second copy of I Now to do this Yes please photo of Zenia and Tom seen in Boston earlier today I'm sorry, but can we take a moment to praise how Tom isn't afraid to be around minorities? Oh my God.

Oh, give it up to Tom SZ is indeed a minority. What a terrifying creature to be around. Hold on. How do you know he's not afraid? What if he's like quaking in his boots right now? Can for more belly rubs? Oh that's too cute.

It's too goddamn cute. Let's get back to some. Cur Comments: That is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life I can't handle that. That what is stopping from being able to do this.

He's doing all this just to get shot by an Nword wearing sandals with an AK-47 Technically he is right in the sense that like why have all these muscles when AK-47 do trick Gus 100% believes Grammy's visits are for him. He's not wrong. A Oh that's cool. He likes granny.

He loves granny. He could probably also murder granny by tripping one time and landing on her. You get pushed into 2030 for 10 minutes and you get one. Google Search What you looking for? Big oily tits? Something don't change regardless of time.

Yeah, but well you could get the highest resolution big oily you've ever seen. Or maybe there's like an evolution and like the get like bigger or something cuz the like the women are eating better. I What What would you search for? Um World War 3 Start Date: A Lion club practices its Roar It sounds like a rat. You ain't scaring, You sound like a little kitty.

A can hear prey's like where can I eat this creature Could you please caress my head? Bring your hand. bring your hand over here my head. my head's feeling kind of cold right now. There you go.

some squishy Finally human. you learn dumbass humans going to make it so clear to them all the time. they can't think critically. You know what? That's what women face all the time.

My mom came over the other day and my side drawer was open with all myors and she saw and asked me if I wanted hers because she doesn't need them now. she has a new boyfriend and also they remind her of my ex- stepdad I wanted to die. How would you feel about putting something inside of you that was once inside of your mother? your brother? huh? Good morning Reddit Why are cats just always like like they're coming down a roller coaster or something cuz they love to stret? Okay I'll be that guy who's the big goth girl I'll search all of R/g goth girls for you good God man it's been 4 hours. Are you okay my right hand and really hurt But the search must go on and this is definitely for you, my brother and not for any other reason.
It is such a pain for me to go through our goth girls every single post. but I will do it for the good of you. Oh God these hot big golf girls thank you for human kindness yo what's with his eyes? Oh then he has a bath and then he's in a bag and now he's eye. oh my God oh my God that is the most beautiful cat.

There's something wrong with his eye. Yeah in the oh yeah, he was a pirate Police hamster gets his flashing light stolen. Oh my God Alvin what get away with in your cheek? He didn't swallow it it out Alvin Dude I Hamster must be like dude owners must have psychic mind Powers How did he know poor cat repeatedly crushed by its owner? It should B me as you want to be the cat Yeah I want to be the cat you want be I want to be cat I want to be crushed but your M pushups see now old lady loses her phone where my phone her oh it's oh I don't blame her she must have PTSD from like losing her phone probably yeah are they going to take up a picture? Is that what's going on? yeah hold on. she did say like here's my vagina what is her vagina it is.

it's I damn I you looking kind of funny in this video? huh? wo that looks super kind of Walky it looks so nerfy. do you recognize yourself? What do you think? What's your reaction? huh? Know that? NOS right? She don't look as cute as you though. a no nuh, you're the cutest White Shepherd that's ever existed, right? Yeah, that's right Rabid Wolf devours a baby. This is sick.

Is he blowing raspberries? He's blowing raspberries. Dog can do raspberry. Blowing dog can do raspberry. Mafia Cat calling homies to kidnap hum hello man.

this cat looks like he been through some bloodthirsty bear massacres. a crowd of people. yeah, that's they're going to WIP everybody everybody out I Kind of want to hold on to that bear I want to see if it takes me. hold on to let see what happens.

Yeah, suicide bomber blows up. it's a grenade. Don't pull the pin. Oh no, if you pull the pin it's over.

Oh God God she's dead. Oh no, it's a smoke smoke one. She's fine. She's fine.

Enormous alligator rips man's thre a big you are. Wow what a fierce little bite, huh? He's death. He's death. Roll over like he rolling you over, roll you over.

Oh he got him. Oh he's dead. You mangled him. I Really want a mom to just be like dog gets ripped apart by sadistic hman? Oh oh no.

we see too much of that on a daily basis. Literally watch what I eyes for right now. Do you see this? That's you. Know What's the craziest part is if you you just Bunch this up into a ball, don't feed it to her.

Don't you dare feed it to her And then you give it to A and then she eats it. A: Why do you eat your own hair? Dude, That's weird. Why are you blaming on her now? My cat has emerged from my weighted blanket and doesn't know when or where she is. Poor baby.
She looks like a homeless old man. She looks yeah, a legal squatter gets evicted. Oh my God No, not my home. I've been living here for 7 years with Rent Control.

It's been the same prices since 1978. No wonder the music never sounded right. Heartless monster drowns puppies look that little fish and then the weeks old. Thanks little puppy baby.

Good job and the Mama's there too. Henry She must be so proud I'm so proud it's crazy. They just come out of the womb and they're like I can swim now I've been trying to figure out how to do that for 29 years. Vicious pack of XL bullies Ms's child.

Oh the horrific. oh this is so graphic. Is that a flashlight? Henry that's a dog toy. Why does every dog toy looks look like a flashlight on the floor? Cuz they need a hole for peanut butter.

Wait why are you laughing? That's I need a hole for this dick. Innocent pair of dead and glue trap. Oh no, what is that a parrot? Oh I'm sorry I didn't know he looks pretty dead dude. he's so relax.

he's not dead I saw him like flutter a little innocent child killed by cluster bomb. Oh not the cluster bombs. What is a cluster bomb Gruesome? That's a big big ass flame. Oh no he.

I think the I think the kid actually R IP she's dead. She didn't make it I wouldn't either I think this would be the worst cake to ever have. Cruel Farmer Force Speeds kitten Before Christmas Dinner through a tube? Yes, what about her mama's nipples? Uh maybe the mom's dead. oh that's not very.

Chistmas Maybe these kittens were ones that couldn't get enough of the milk because like survival. I can't get enough of this milk of the great content that we are watching here on people fing dying insane mother crushes her own child. oh my God oh my God she really is. She really do be trying to suffocate her own child.

You can barely breathe. I Think that mom's like you're no use alive so be my pillow. She got a big old smile while doing it too. Yeah, like nice pillows.

Dangerous woman eats cat alive while it screams in pain. Yeah, cats are quite edible indeed. Henry that's way too. Chinese Eat that too would consume hole Hunter He alive by turkey I'm calling in Turkey Wow they're very unafraid.

Boom Oh my God Why are they so chill that turkey? Just like the all right, Let's move on to R All My dog only has one speed Director's cut. Wow! W This is gorgeous. Such a calm, like slow speed. That's how you know.

He's like, you know, content. he's chill. He's not bricked up all the time, doesn't go psycho half the time. I's probably like, well I don't know if you took me to these nice ass places I wouldn't be so bricked up.

My 11mon male cat lets my foster kins nurse on him. that's a male. Wait that's a male drinking the the male's nipples. Oh no.
Come here. Keep keep keep nibbling. What keep nibbling my nipples long way. Did I read that wrong.

You are such a good. Mama Percy No, it's a mom. but that's a man. What a what is he? What are they drinking I don't know Even's Disturbed right now.

What is this? The man milk? What the This week a stray baby entered my house and went by two big dogs just to be adopted. Oh kitten, he's a yelly yeah. let's just alert all the dogs in the area to come kill me. Alert everybody.

Oh my. God even A's like the what is that a what is that? You know what that is like I want to eat it. She's an expert in the art of distraction Henry Look at him smiling. That's what I wish I would do when we play games.

Don't look that, don't look. Oh no Damn The best I can get is like she sits down next to us. but I don't get this. this is too cute.

Let's go to curse comments and you know even it out a little bit. Does green make her butts look big? Holy hell is that Dingo would would? What would What? The owl? Dumbass You would do. The owl that doesn't make any better. Doing an animal versus an object at least one is legal.

The animal. What the hell? All right. that's enough internet for the day. I'mma head out.

wait before you go I need to tell you this fun fact before my daughter was born. I was reading the book What to Expect When You're Expecting and I read that the hormones that cause a mother to lactate get passed to the baby through the breast milk, causing any breastfeeding child to also lactate even the boys When I tested this out on my infant nephew I had to for science I said to my sister hey check this out as I squeezed her son's nipple and sure us it's true I've never gotten a more sincere what the from my sister than I did that day. Now he's a teenager and is probably one of the only kids in this class that can say his uncle milked him. That's probably for the best I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people that can say that their Uncle milked them.

Getting milked by your uncle is fairly common phenomena. Henry Who touched you, not me I Also I don't now I want to squeeze my baby nipple? So yeah. so when we have a son, we have to squeeze his nipples I have to once I would want to taste my own milk like if you if you started breastfeeding would you not want to like taste your milk too see what it tastes like but you're okay of feeding it to your kin. Henry You're not okay with knowing what your tastes like, but you're okay with feeding it to other women.

Yeah, then yeah. same argument for me. but they're not feeding on it like they're not eating it for sustenance and survival. Your baby is though some whes out there time passage then and now.

2008 20 2018 A Wow. she looks like slightly too old to be in that position. Dude that dad looks like he's lost so much hair. No I think when I was like 10 I could do that to my dad? Yeah I did that to my dad too when I was 10.
No, you did that like yesterday working with an octopusy. All right. Octopus are like cute right? They're like cats. They want like attention a A you better watch out.

First comes a hand holding and then he's like let me take it to the next step Henry Next thing you know you're Henry and Big Boy Don't worry about it, can he even balance? or is he trying to I want to P trying to slide out of here I Want a baby? Oh I'm damn dude let the penguin go about his day. Well he has to be wait and made sure he's healthy yo he's that heavy. Holy moly no that's like oh 13 12 kilos. Yeah okay okay what do now I guess just stand and then go to sleep.

Wake me up in the summer. Wow he's so much whiter than his mom. that was IR too. you think it's cuz he rolled in too much piss.

yeah I's piss color now she used to be so white. remember Yeah yeah Markipliers on the nice list. you s when Mark My god when can we have the gay? When can I stick my di in that nice clean busy Henry Mrs Santa Claus will not approve. Come on Marky boy bring that.

Pegasus Now like what the going on? Anyway, back to cute animals. Okay 3 days old oh my God oh my God it's a rat and it's a cat now. hi it's a cat. So cute.

He's so cute. Oh no he's a fetus again. oh no he's going back in time Henry Stop Holy he's going to die Henry he's a microscopic. Oh no, somebody saved this kitten.

po dude jealous. look at you little fluffy monsters. look how fluffy you are. Oh no oh no.

you going get your brother. you can get your brother for taking all your loves. but tell him sister what the kisses on what the hell WAFF Waffle you share her loves. You should tell them sister hi I Love you too D sound they make is scary.

It's about to get violence here I'll be honest though, if I were the brother I would kind of get mad cuz the entire time I was like equal pets equal pets. You know, ever pluck a guy's eyebrows and realize that they are absolutely not the superior gender and are weakest. My partner thought this until she got an uppercut. she wasn't very Superior After that, domestic abuse proves a lot of points sometimes, but it should never be done.

Henry Why would you say that? Netflix Viewers disgusted after witnessing unnecessary incest in new Christmas movie? Where? What movie? Henry Saying unnecessary incest will suggest that there is such a thing asnecessary incest. Wait, actually what movie though? Finally Netflix Embracing the incest that Japan has been promoting for years. Disgusting. What movie? So I know to never watch it.

Oh oh you Chinchilla thought that was bottom of the shoe. Wait that's not good. Oh it's a G dude. Imagine if if you tell me there'd be a pancake in there.

yeah Oh Henry I Don't want to think about that. It would have been all natural furline slippers after that made from natural organic materials. AKA Cat I think we got the picture out. Slime if you put a flashlight up your ass leaving side out and a guy.
the flashlight. Is it technically no homo? I mean the isn't touching your ass and the other is a right? It's the Gator straight adapter. The genuine question? is that holy? That's no homo, right? Soing genius. Now we can all our Bros in the ass and it wouldn't be gay because we had an adapter.

Brilliant idea now to just fit a FL light up my ass. Come over here. Come over here baby. Oh yeah Henry A you know I like that? stop to Daddy Henry give Daddy some little nose kisses.

Stop making it weird. All right, that's it for people dying. Thanks for continuing to watch all of our videos. Man, you guys mean so much to us! God You guys are the best I Love you But man we got a jet.

Uhoh we'll see you later. Bye peace.

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